Friday, April 29, 2016

Morgan Cuthbert named Cumberland County Teacher of the Year!

Morgan Cuthbert
We're excited to let you know that Morgan C. Cuthbert, 7th Grade Math and Science teacher, has been recognized as the Cumberland County Teacher of the Year! The Ceremony and Press Conference will be held at the State House Hall of Flags on Friday, May 13th.
Morgan is now eligible for the Maine Teacher of the Year award. He'll spend the upcoming months developing a portfolio for the National Teacher of the Year Program.
More Information about the Program: 
The Maine County Teachers of the Year and State Teacher of the Year serve as advocates for the teaching profession, education and students. Selecting a Teacher of the Year is an exceptional way to celebrate the many outstanding, dedicated, and professional educators teaching in Maine schools. The Teacher of the Year Program does not attempt to single out any individual as the best teacher in Maine; rather the Maine Teacher of the Year represents the thousands of excellent educators in Maine.

The County Teachers and Maine Teacher of the Year should be committed to excellence and to nurturing the achievement of all students. The nominee should bring to the classroom exemplary skills that are recognized by students, colleagues, parents, and all other members of your school’s community. To be considered for nomination, a teacher must hold at least a four-year degree and be employed by a Maine public school, including a public charter school; or be employed by a publicly supported secondary school (a private school that enrolls 60 percent or more publicly funded students, sometimes referred to as "the academies" or "the Big 11").