Saturday, March 25, 2017

Into the Woods

The 7th and 8th grade cast and crew of Into The Woods truly outdid themselves this year by creating this beautifully, whimsical, funny and entertaining show! Every detail was perfect from the acting and singing, to the lighting, sound, costumes and sets.

The combined talent and hard work of our students led to a remarkably professional show, which felt like it was put on by an ensemble well beyond our students' years. The play was expertly led and directed by the one and only Betsey Reinsborough, who put her unique stamp on it with one of the best special effects we've ever seen on stage (ask someone about this if you didn't get to see it!)!
Our thanks and appreciation to Betsey and all of the amazing Reinsboroughs, including our very own Liz, for their tireless work and commitment to this production. Thanks, as always, to all of our parent volunteers, we could not do this without you, and to Kathy Gardner and Bill Allen for their on-going support.


 A huge thank you to the HMS Student Leadership Team and Mrs. Emmons, their advisor, for creating the themes and structure for an outstanding Spirit Week! Student participation was awesome-we loved seeing the creative outfits, the way they magically transformed our hallways, and their focus on fundraising for Camp Sunshine.

Speaking of fundraising, another HUGE shout out goes to Ms. Shaw, Mr. Morse, Mr. Hagerty and Mr. Warshaw for turning into human sundaes on behalf of this wonderful cause-you wore the sprinkles wonderfully well! Thanks also to our students who did the honors creating the sundaes : ). 

We noticed and appreciate the kind and supportive behavior throughout the week, even in the midst of friendly competitions!

There are several important reasons we hold Spirit Week:
1. Spirit Week brings our school together as a community with the focus on outreach and giving to others who need assistance. We engage in a friendly fundraising competition with the goal of presenting a united front, as a learning community, about the importance of community service and community engagement. Our Student Leadership team has designated Camp Sunshine as this year's recipient of our fundraising efforts.

From the Camp Sunshine Website:
Camp Sunshine's Mission: Camp Sunshine was
founded in 1984. The camp provides retreats combining respite, recreation and support, while enabling hope and promoting joy, for children with life-threatening illnesses, and their families, through the various stages of a child’s illness.
Please access further information about Camp Sunshine at the link provided.
2. Spirit Week gives us a chance to use our artistic, innovative ideas and skills to transform our hallways from the everyday corridors of HMS to unique and interesting places around our country or world. The grade level projects provide us with the opportunity to collaborate and work together, have fun, and enjoy the creative process.

3. Spirit Week also allows us to show off our school spirit, dress up, PLAY, and shake up our daily routine a bit! Research tells us that Play Isn't Just for PreSchoolers-Teenagers Need it Too and confirms the many benefits to learning when students are given time to dream, create and play. 
We're looking forward to next year!

International Evening at YES

 Sheri Oliva and Marielle Scammell, Yarmouth ESL teachers, created a beautiful event to celebrate their students' hard work throughout the school year.  Students and their families gathered at Yarmouth Elementary School to share food and fun! Jodi McGuire joined Sheri and Marielle in this effort. Together they created a wonderful evening of connections, which provided opportunities for parents to get to know each other, and students of all ages to play together. Our thanks to these students and their families, and to Sheri, Marielle, and Jodi for hosting this evening which everyone hopes will be an annual event!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

7th Grade Science Update

Our seventh-grade students had the unique opportunity to learn about congenital heart disease, EKG reading and angiograms from a team of experts including Kyle Deerwester, Yarmouth Alum at Tufts Medical School.

Our students gained valuable knowledge from participating in the porcine dissection under the expert direction of HMS parents and community members. Our thanks to the following parents who volunteered their time to support this unique learning experience for our students!

Adam Owen
Linda Coes
Michelle Carol-Cristopher
Julia Brock
Loree Wood-Devinney
Kevin Cowell
Deidre Heersink
Bennett Wilson
Kyle Deerwester

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mindfulness Presentation for Parents

Susan Parr, HMS Social Worker, has been educating our students, staff and district about the benefits of Mindfulness for several years. She leads the HMS Mindfulness Club, visits classrooms to share a variety of Mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises and activities, and meets with interested staff members weekly to continue this education.

Susan describes Mindfulness as paying attention to the present moment, on purpose, and without judgement.  Studies show that using Mindfulness has numerous benefits, including decreased stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing focus, concentration and emotional regulation.

Earlier this winter Susan invited HMS parents to attend a Mindfulness presentation to learn about the concept and explore the variety of practices that parents can use for themselves and/or with family.

Thanks to Olivia Bailey, Izabel Cox-Faxon, and Maddie Miles for sharing their wealth of knowledge during this presentation. Additionally, thanks to both the Mindfulness Club and the 8th grade Mindfulness lunch group for serving on the panel, answering questions and sharing their personal experiences on how Mindfulness has helped them in Middle School.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Poutine à HMS! Oh là là!!

Paula Vicenzi filled us in on the first, delicious use of our induction range and pan:

Through the support of the PTO and Kelly Sawhney, PTO member and HMS parent, we now have an an induction range and pan!

The world language team will use the range to enrich our cultural units through simple food demonstrations in our classrooms. On Friday, March 10, Blair Currier, the director of the Yarmouth School Nutrition Program, joined the 7th grade French classes to demonstrate how to make a popular Québécois dish called "Poutine." 

Blair Currier cooks for our students
The wonderful smells of fries covered with cheese curds and homemade gravy helped us imagine that we had a little of Québec in our classroom!

Tori Kendeigh, Alice Donahue, and Maddie Emrich-Shanks enjoy this special dish

Geo Bee Update-Congratulations to Evan Lucca

 Congratulations and best wishes to Evan Lucca, who qualified to compete in the state level National Geographic Bee!
Evan Lucca
The Maine State Bee will be held on Friday, March 31, 2017. Eligible state Bee competitors are in grades four through eight, and have participated in and won the competition at the school level that involved at least six students. This year 106 students qualified for the state competition.
One champion from each state and territory will advance to the National Geographic Bee Championship, which will be held May 14-18 at the National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Many thanks to Megan Rice and Charlotte Agell for their coordination and facilitation of the HMS Geo Bee.