Monday, May 22, 2017

The Cast and Crew of Sleeping Beauty
Congratulations to the wonderful cast and crew of Sleeping Beauty! Our 5th grade students put on a winning, whimsical rendition of this show, which featured acting, singing, dancing, lighting and sound that rivaled the original production!

All the students involved worked together, exhibiting the perseverance, teamwork and collaboration necessary for success! We're proud of their efforts and their support of each other during this process.

Heartfelt thanks to our Director, Betsey Reinsborough, whose vision guides all of the HMS shows to successful fruition, and to all of our parent volunteers for their support!

Our continuous appreciation to all of the Reinsboroughs, our very own Liz, Kathy Gardner, Danielle Newcomb, Bill Allen, Kimberly Grover and Brad Ciechomski for all of their assistance! HMS Blog with photos coming soon : )

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Student Leadership Team Book Drive

HMS Student Leadership Team (Maddy Corson not pictured in this photo)
The books have been counted and the results are in:  
Sixth grade students donated 320 books! They're the winners of the first 'Share the Love of Reading' drive!
Grade 5 takes second place with 178 books donated, Grade 7 takes third place with 138 books donated, and Grade 8 takes fourth place with 94 books donated. This makes a total of 730 donated books from our HMS community. Our students should be proud of this effort!
Thank you from the Yarmouth Food Pantry, Tedford Housing, The Boys & Girls Club and the Student Leadership Team to all of our wonderful families and students who donated books for this drive!
Thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Emmons, Student Leadership Advisor, and all of the students on the leadership team!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

HMS Career Fair

Our heartfelt appreciation to Mrs. Emmons, Ms. Mike, and all of our Career Fair presenters for creating another exceptionally successful HMS Career Fair!

Mr. Currier at work
Putting this day together takes an incredible amount of time, energy and planning. The presenters were phenomenal. Their interesting, engaging sessions fascinated our students. We appreciate the time they took to share their expertise with us and the  questions our students asked, which demonstrated their interest and excitement about careers they may want to pursue.

Mr. Hewitt at work
We extend our gratitude to the Career Fair committee for all of their work. Special thanks to Ms. Roberts, Mrs. Gardner, Mr. Arsenault and Mr. C. for their efforts to ensure that this day was a success, and to all of the HMS staff support of this event.

Mr. Reinsborough at work
Our thanks also to Mrs. Logan for introducing us to our Keynote speaker, Mr. Akakpo, who shared his inspiring story with us!

Mrs. Logan introduces Mr. Akakpo

Spring Concerts spread the joy of music

This year's spring concerts highlighted our students hard work, commitment and passion to music, and support of each other as they delighted the audiences with their performances.
7th and 8th grade students prepare to serenade the audience
 Congratulations to the 5th Grade Band, the 6th Grade Band, the 6th Grade Jazz Choir, and the 5th and 6th Grade Chorus for a fantastic night of music! 
The 5th Grade Band kicked off the night with a rousing set of music that highlighted their growth as musicians this year. The 6th Grade Band pushed themselves with challenging songs about zombie trombones and cartoon craziness. The 6th Grade Jazz Choir took us back in time with Do Wah Diddy Diddy, complete with some spot-on beat boxing. The 5th and 6th Grade Chorus closed the evening with five songs that put a little love in everyone's heart. Many thanks to Mrs. Grover and Mr. C, as each has an uncanny ability to get the very best out of HMS's students. Bravo!
Mrs. Grover at work
The 7th & 8th Grade Symphonic Band, 7th & 8th Grade Jazz Coir, and 7th & 8th Grade Concert Choir provided the audience with a stellar evening of music at the spring concert. The night was filled with beautiful sounds, emotion and gratitude.
Our HMS musicians and singers performed challenging pieces rich with historical significance. The students conveyed the passion behind each of the songs, which they played and sang to perfection. Their interpretations of the music made it possible for the audience to share their feelings of teamwork, community, support for each other, and the joy and emotion that music brings to our lives.
Our 8th grade students' heartfelt tributes to Mrs. Grover and Mr. C. highlighted the hard work, perseverance, time and energy that go into creating evenings like last night, and our students' gratitude and appreciation to their parents and these teachers for their support.
Patrick Bergen pays tribute to Mr. C.
Our thanks to all of our students who participated in last night's event and congratulations to our 8th grade students for their moving performances in their last middle school concert.

Thank you to Mr. Dustin for his unwavering support and accompaniment at all of our concerts.
To Mrs. Grover and Mr. C., we all continue to learn so much from you about the power of music. Thank you for all you bring to our community.

Mr. C. at work

Saturday, May 6, 2017

An Interview with Charlotte Agell by Alex Ericson

Charlotte Agell and Alex Ericson
Alex Ericson, HMS journalist, interviewed Charlotte Agell, our author in residence. 

We are pleased to share their fascinating conversation with you about Charlotte's 13th book. The working title is  Elba & Norris and the Big Block. It's a picture book with Scholastic, due out in 2019. 

Thanks to Alex for this compelling interview!

Our congratulations and best wishes to Charlotte! We're thrilled to know that our school had something to do with the idea for this book. We cannot wait to read her latest creation!

What inspired you to write this book?

This book was actually born in our HMS hallways! A student asked me if I ever got writer's block. I replied that I was more likely to have TOO many ideas, like a swarm of butterflies. This lead to me thinking about blocks and butterflies. In the book, Elba drags around a big black block. Norris has so many butterflies. The book came to be about the heaviness of grief and the importance of friendship.

How did you come up with the characters?

At first, I saw the characters as people. In a conversation with my daughter, I quickly realized they must be animals, so that they really could represent ANYbody. Elba, in my version, is a rhinoceros in a pink tutu. Norris is a crocodile in a top hat. This might change since, for the first time ever, I will not be illustrating my own book, which is both scary and possibly really cool.

What kind of books do you write?

I write the book that comes to find me and nags me the most. That might sound odd, but I mean it.

What do you enjoy about writing?

I enjoy writing; it takes me all over the place. I hate writing sometimes; it can be hard.  I can't help but write, it seems. It's always been that way for me.

I feel so lucky to work in a district that so values reading and writing. I am surrounded by readers and writers here in Yarmouth!

Blair and Nikki bring home the win!

We're proud to share this update from Dr. Dolloff on YSD School Nutrition Director Blair Currier and HMS Nutrition Team member Nikki Davoren:
YSD School Nutrition Director Blair Currier and HMS Nutrition Employee Nikki Davoren competed against RSU 52 (Turner) at the State Final Farm to School cook-off this week at Freeport High School and brought home the win!  

Teams were tasked with preparing a breakfast and lunch meal within a specific time frame using at least two ingredients that are grown, raised, caught or manufactured in the State of Maine while meeting National School Breakfast and Lunch Program requirements.  As an added twist, Maine wild blueberries and Maine potatoes had to be used as "challenge" ingredients in the competition. 

Each team presented their meal to a judging panel consisting of a Freeport High School student, a certified professional chef, and a school nutrition director.  

Blair and Nikki won with their breakfast of crepes with a wild blueberry and kelp smoothie and a lunch consisting of Atlantic fish tacos, Maine apple salsa and garlic roasted potatoes.  All recipes from the cook-off will be published in a cookbook  distributed by the Maine Department of Education. 

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Inline image 3

Exciting Final Math Meets!

Thanks to Barb Ellis and Jay Harrington for this update. We thank Barb, Jay, and Bob Gross for their guidance and leadership of these teams this year!
On Tuesday, May 2nd, the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math teams proudly represented Harrison Middle School at the last math meet of the year.  For the first time in many years, HMS was represented by a full six-member team at every grade level! They were accompanied by coaches Mrs. Ellis, Mr Harrington and Mr Gross.  All of these students were very enthusiastic and an exciting time was had by all who attended.  We are pleased to announce that Sebastien Martinez earned the third place individual score among about 200 other 5th graders and brought home a trophy! Congratulations to all.

6th graders: Emily Densmore, Stuart Baybutt, Truman Peters, William Best, Nate Hagedorn & Joshua Leinwand
Inline image 2

8th graders: Evan Lucca, G.W. Ruth, Evan Van Lonkhuyzen, Parker Harnett, Zoe Siegel & Anushka Canfield
Inline image 1

7th graders: Krisztian Kovaks, Elena Miller, Emily Mickool, Milo Weibus, Ty Lucca & Georgia Herr
Inline image 3

5th graders: Fionna Moran, Milo Sanokklis, Sebastien Martinez, Norah Mills, Evan Hankins & Ryan Cowell
Inline image 4

3rd Place individual for 5th grade: Sebastien Martinez
Inline image 6