Saturday, June 18, 2016

Floating Think Lab Project-Take 3

From a row boat, to a sail boat, to a bicycle powered paddle boat, Oliver Peloquin and Emerson Pardales have been hard at work on the latest version of the one-sheet plywood boat project, which began as a YEF grant in 2015, under Bob Gross' tutelage.

Check out these innovators' latest, successful creation, photographed by Bob at the recent launch:

Congratulations to Oliver and Emerson! We're looking forward to whatever comes next-maybe something with wings?! Congratulations to Bob who certainly made the very best use of this YEF grant!

YEF Ends the Year on a Sweet Note

Karyn Smith receives Clipper Honors

HMS thanks the Yarmouth Education Foundation for the Clipper Honors that were delivered this week! This meant so much to our teachers. YEF continues to inspire and spread joy throughout our community.

Thanks to Allison Flowerdew for sharing these great photos. Here are just a few of the lucky, very happy recipients:

Stephanie Robison, Bruce Brann, and Meghan Haugevik

Mike Hagerty
Stephanie Robison, Bob Morse, Julie Logan, Ragan Bartlett, Meghan Haugevik, Barbara Ellis
Mr. C.
Bruce Brann
Joan Adler
Merry Stuhr
 Shawna said it best, "YUM!"-a delicious way to end the year.

7th grade students learn about body systems

Morgan Cuthbert was pleased to share the following information about this exciting learning opportunity:

The 7th grade science classes welcomed the Yarmouth and Southern Maine Community to HMS to collaborate on recent lessons about body systems. This community connection enriches our students' learning experiences.

Deputy Chief Rich Kindelan and Kira Lacasse, from Yarmouth Fire Rescue, and Dr. Dave Cox were on hand to support our students through the Vital Signs lab. The students learned about blood pressure, pulse, breath rate and how to administer non-breath CPR. These “vital” signs are crucial to understanding body systems and allowed our students to learn about how their own bodies work.

Our students at work
A group of parents who are medical professionals from the Southern Maine area volunteered their time to to provide our students with mini-lessons during our annual porcine heart and respiratory dissection. This study grounded the students in their understanding of the respiratory and circulatory unit. Demonstrations included a tracheotomy, identifying problem areas in the heart and blood vessels, tracing the flow of blood through the heart, and identifying structures and functions within the heart. 

We're grateful to these professionals for volunteering their time!

Dr. Keaney at work

From left to right: Pam Bergen, Maud Van de Weile, Johanna Salay, Karina Omark, Pat Keaney, Ben Lowenstein, Jen Pires, and Cynthia Foss Not Pictured: Phillidia and Bill Ruth, Clay McDonough, Marla Dickinson, Liz Russo

We Honor Our Retirees

With heartfelt gratitude and all best wishes for whatever comes next, our staff honors Bruce Brann, Elaine Fletcher, Marsha Newick, and Diane Reynolds. 

Bruce Brann and the HMS staff wearing T-Shirts with one of Bruce's favorite sayings, "They don't are how much you know until they know how much you care."

Elaine Fletcher and the Unified Arts Team
Bruce Brann, Evan Lucca and Marsha Newick, who supported HMS students through the Geo Bee every year

Diane Reynolds and Bruce Brann

Legenda-20th Anniversary

Congratulations to the Legenda staff, Charlotte Agell, all of our students who submitted work to this beautiful and unique literary magazine, and those whose pieces were published this year. We appreciate learning from your creativity and talent and we understand the risk that all artists take when sharing their craft with others.

Our gratitude to Charlotte, who makes this important publication possible year after year, as she continues to nurture our students' impressive abilities. 

Legenda Staff
Tessa Piker
Lily McDowell
Brenton Burgess
Michael McNeil
Gus Edwards
Emi Schneider
Ellie Ralph
Audrey Welsh
Sadie Cowles
Maddie Hayes
Sam O'Donnell
Brienne Hathcock
Cole DeCristoforo
Jacob Veilleux
Justin Veilleux
Connor Tull
Harry Mellor
Thomas Kuhn
Nick Knuppel
Steve Antoine
Ethan Roth
Noah Bibula
James Moore
Tom Zurkan

Fearless Leader
Charlotte Agell

Al Dente Designer
Mitchell Rasor

Awesome Person
Holly Allen