Sunday, September 28, 2014

6th Grade STEAM students launch into the new school year

 Mr. Dehetre shared the following information about an exciting project:
Sixth grade students in Mr. Dehetre's STEAM lab began the school year by building solid propellant rockets from scratch. The photographs below show students making the parachutes for their rockets' safe recoveries. Once built, students will launch their rockets in Winslow field. Rocketry is just one of several activities that support our students' learning about gravity, trajectory, and tribology (the study of friction.)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Color by PTO

Thank you to the PTO for purchasing tie-dye supplies for the 8th grade! Students tied their own shirts (and we made a few extra for any new students who move to Yarmouth throughout the school year). We dyed all 150 last week - a different color for each homeroom class.  This is a unique experience in the middle school for 8th grade students that they look forward to at the start of each year. It is an excellent team building activity! 

The 8th grade students and teachers wear the tie-dye shirts periodically throughout the year on field trips and other 8th grade activities.  Many high school students still wear their tie-dye t-shirts from years ago!  Last Friday the 8th grade wore the shirts on the walking tour of Main Street in Yarmouth.  On Friday, September 26th, the 8th grade students will be wearing their t-shirts at Popham Beach for our Coastal Cleanup field trip.

Friday, September 12, 2014

School supplies for St. Bahkita

Paula Vicenzi provided this wonderful update on our sister school in St. Bahkita, Uganda (please see previous posts on May 28th, '12, November 13th, '12, April 13th, '13, May 15th, '13, and November 9th, '13  to learn about the history of our relationship with St. Bahkita).

HMS students participated in a LifeTouch school fundraiser last last spring. Lifetouch donated $2.00  to HMS for every student who had their picture taken, regardless of whether the pictures were purchased. As a result of this effort, we donated $772.00 to the St. Bahkita School to be used for school supplies.

Charlie Roscoe, founder of Schools for Refugees (, sent the pictures below showing the teachers and students with their new school supplies. We'll keep you updated on news from St. Bahkita throughout the year.