Saturday, March 29, 2014

Destination Imagination

We're delighted to share the following Destination Imagination results with you.
Our congratulations and best wishes to all of the students and their coaches; these projects demonstrate creative thinking and perseverance!

The 5th grade Destination Imagination team known as The Invincible Clippers won first place in their State competition last Saturday 3/22! They are doing a community services project with all the Rowe School First Graders. They go into the classrooms and play educational games that they created. This is a great success! The team members include: Loey Waterman, Annie Lowenstein, Claudia Coolidge, Natalie Teare, Amelia Watt, Ellie Zimmerman, and Abby Hill.

The 5th grade Team The 7 Clipper Stooges included Parker Harnett, Ned Lane, Colin Senger, Margaret McNeil, Blake Venden, Emerson Pardales and Puja Patel. They earned 3rd place at the State Competition for their challenge, "The Tension Builds".

The 7th grade DI team The Sour Patch Kids competed in a Structural Challenge that involved designing and building a structure made only of wood, glue, and fishing line weighing less than 80 grams. The structure was then placed on a pyramid base, and was tested to see how much weight it could hold. The structure, which weighed 53 grams, held 295 pounds! Additionally, the team wrote and performed a skit which depicted a situation of tension and stability, and designed a prop which they then constructed during the performance time.

This was the only team competing at the Middle Level. They did a great job with all facets of their challenge including teamwork, creativity, and "out of the box thinking." This team qualified to go on to the Global Competition in May! Members of this team are: Emma Walsh, Mackenzie Peloquin, Vicky Williams, Lulu Rasor, Alex Manthorne, Sophia Noack

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Everything's Groovy!

The cast and crew of Everything's Groovy did a remarkable job with this fun, entertaining, colorful show that takes us back to the 60's for a music, beads, and flowers celebration! All of the students involved put in long hours to perfect their roles, and create the 60's inspired sets, costumes, and atmosphere. The audience was mesmerized by the performances; our students' efforts could be seen and heard in every moment of this whimsical production.

We're grateful to our 6th graders who participated in the play-we couldn't have done it without you!

Special thanks, as always, to Kathy Gardner who works behind the scenes on all play related needs, and creates the great programs for each of our shows.

Heartfelt thanks to Betsy Reinsborough, Melina Roberts, and Lyn Glassock for all of their support, and to all of our parents who helped out in so many different ways during this run.

Our gratitude to wonderful director, Deb Sevee, for her vision, guidance and persistence with this show, and to Pete, John, and Avery Sevee for everything they do for HMS!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

2014 7th Grade Blood Drive

7th Grade Blood Drive

Eric LaBrie, Josh Harlow, Morgan Craig-Fraser, Zach Mogul-Campbell

Congratulations to the entire 7th Grade Team for their inspiring work on the annual HMS blood drive! Thanks to these students, Mr. Cuthbert, Mrs. Fortier, Mr. Harrington, and all of the volunteers and donors who made this event possible. 

We're proud of our totals for this year. We collected seventy-five usable units of blood; this is a great outcome given that the event had to be rescheduled due to a storm, and the inclement weather we had on the day of the drive. The students' work will positively impact the lives of two hundred and twenty-five people!

Our students conducted themselves professionally, and their projects showed the wealth of knowledge they gained from their studies. The American Red Cross staff and community members were impressed with our students, and their presentations. 

Please click on the link below to see our students and their work featured in this channel 6 story:

Colonial Craft Day

Our 5th grade students and teachers traveled back to colonial times on March 13th, for the annual, HMS Colonial Craft Day. The students loved the learning and variety of activities included in this special day. They dressed in colonial clothing, and ate their homemade lunches from lunch pails or baskets. Students learned how to make candles, churn butter, and create handmade wooden toys. They also fashioned spice hangers, and learned how to use a loom. The students were fascinated by the way of life during this time period; they embraced this experience, and all of the exciting opportunities that came with it.

Our sincere thanks to our amazing 5th grade teachers, and our generous parent volunteers who made this day possible; our gratitude to Nini Emmons for her support of this event.