Saturday, May 28, 2016


Isabelle Bragdon
Our 5th grade students presented their Great Americans (and themselves!) admirably as they introduced these individuals to their families, friends, and other visitors. They brought their Great Americans to life through the inquiry process, sharing their accomplishments and demonstrating all they learned with engaging and creative visuals, speeches and costumes. 

Nate Hagedorn
Our students spoke articulately and with expertise, and showed pride in their work. The audience was beyond impressed with this special event! 

Ana Borda
 We appreciate the time and hard work that goes into a project of this depth. Congratulations to these students and their teachers; you have much to be proud of given your efforts on this culminating project! 

Josh Hewitt

Civil Rights Team Update

Laura Mike, Co-Civil Rights Team leader with Bruce Brann, provided this inspiring update about the team's recent work:

Ellie Zimmerman, Tyler Roderick, Colby Peacock, Diva Santana, Ellie Balsam, Rose Jokiel
The HMS Civil Rights Team was invited by Brandon Baldwin (Director of the Maine Civil Rights Team Project, Maine Attorney General's Office) to be part of the a "Spotlight" workshop at the Civil Rights Team State Conference in Augusta on May 23rd. Teams from across the state were asked to share one activity that they did during the 2015-16 school year that got people thinking and talking about race, nation of origin, gender (including gender identity and expression), religion, mental/physical disabilities, sexual orientation and skin color. 

The HMS Civil Rights Team spotlighted their Calendar of Religious Holidays.  Throughout the year, religious holidays for each month were highlighted on a calendar, which was hung in the main hall of HMS, with the religion noted and a description of the holiday.  Religions that were represented were:  Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Confucian, Druid, Eastern Orthodox Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Pagan, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Sikh, Taoist and Wiccan. The team's goal was to bring awareness to the religions of the world and to educate our school community on the many different holidays that are celebrated.  

Calendar of major religious holidays
 The HMS Civil Rights Team members who presented were (listed alphabetically):  Ellie Balsam (grade 5), Rose Jokiel (grade 7), Colby Peacock (grade 5), Diva Santana (grade 5) and Ellie Zimmerman (grade 7). 

Former St. Bakhita Students Visit HMS

Paula Vicenzi provided the update below on the wonderful connection with our friends in Uganda. Paula introduced HMS to the students and staff at St. Bakhita several years ago. Through her efforts we've stayed in touch with them ever since; our students continue to learn about the lives of their friends who attend St. Bakhita:

Susan, Bosco, Florence with Amaris, andCharlie
On May 11th, 5th grade students listened to Charlie and Susan Roscoe talk about their recent trip to the St Bakhita School in Uganda. Charlie and Susan run the non-profit Schools for Refugees where many of our students have exchanged letters with students from the school since 2012.

Students reading letter from HMS penpals
The biggest surprise for our kids was meeting Bosco and Florence, who are former students (and now husband and wife) of the St. Bakhita School. Florence described the life and living conditions at the refugee settlement and Bosco told our students how much the children there appreciate letters from HMS.  

Florence and Amaris
Students enjoyed watching Florence wrap an African blanket on her back to carry their baby Amaris the way many mothers do in Africa. 

HMS students meet Florence and Amaris

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring Concerts at HMS

This year's spring concert season featured beautiful and inspirational music along with moving tributes to Bruce Brann:


Last night's concert was a rare treat for our ears and eyes. It was as beautiful to look at as it was to listen to. Our 5th and 6th Grade Bands, Jazz Choir, and Chorus created an evening of entertainment, which the audience could see, feel and hear. From "Creepy Crawlies" to "Aztec Dance", Mr. C.'s "Tornado" to the sounds of a ticking clock, and rainbows to "Fireworks" our students brought this music to life and filled the YPAC with emotion and celebration!
Kimberly Grover honors Mr. Brann

Thank you and congratulations to our musicians and vocalists for their heartfelt performances, to Mrs. Grover and Mr. C. for sharing their expertise and passion for what they do, and to Mr. Dustin for his wonderful accompaniment and support of our music program. We can't wait to see what tonight will bring! 
Mr. C. does the same
The elegant, sophisticated music performed by the HMS Symphonic Band, Jazz Choir, and 7th/8th Grade Chorus evoked strong emotion and inspiration.

The band's beautiful interpretation of "Grace" and "The Haunted Carousel", and the moving songs performed by the Concert Choir, which connect to our 8th graders' Civil Rights work, created a musical story, combining elements of performance art with the songs.

The wonderful tributes to Mr. Brann by our students, Mrs. Grover, Mr. C., and Mrs. Lenardson added to this special evening.

We thank our students for all of their work, which culminated in this unique evening. Our appreciation to Mrs. Grover and Mr. C. for teaching us about the power of music, and to Mr. Dustin for his expert accompaniment and support of our musicians! 

Bruce Brann listening to students speak about his impact on them

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mystery Dinner Theater Sucess, Thanks to our PTO!

Melina Roberts, HMS PTO Liaison and organizer extraordinaire, shared this exciting recap of the HMS Mystery Dinner Theater. We can't thank Melina, Amie Moore, and the PTO enough for all they do to support our schools!
Congratulations to all of our wonderful murder mystery detectives! We appreciate your participation in capturing the callous killer. The Yarmouth PTO earned $1700 at our first annual Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. 
Thanks to our wonderful seventh and eighth grade actors and wait staff! Thank you to the HMS teachers, staff and volunteers who came out to support our students and our PTO. We're grateful to Dave Mason for bringing this wonderful, creative community event to the PTO and Harrison Middle School.
Huge appreciation to Dave Mason, Jesica Garrou, Michele Lucca, Diane Campos, Alison Moore and Melina Roberts, along with Jenny Jorgensen and Karyn Smith for their work and input. 
This year’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Gumshoe Award goes to:
Ava Knuppel, Master Detective

The mystery unfolds!

Patty O'Doores and Dave Mason

See you all next year to solve the next crime!

'16 Young Athletes Festival

Our 8th grade students and teachers hosted the annual Young Athletes Festival on May 13th. This special event was created by Meredith Hawkins, YHS senior, during her 7th grade year at HMS. Meredith's essay on "Banning the R word" led to a partnership between our 8th grade students and Lisa Bird and Mark Capano, from The Special Olympics. The festival provides opportunities for children too young to participate in the Special Olympics to practice activities related to the games. Lisa trains our 8th grade students to coach our visitors through a variety of stations.
Meredith Hawkins

Our students did exceptional work yesterday. They immersed themselves in this experience and focused their attention on our visitors' needs, comfort and happiness. They gently supported and encouraged the children to participate and created an environment of fun and acceptance. The parents and teachers at the festival were incredibly moved by our students' investment in this event and impressed by their interactions with the children.
8th Graders Najee McQueen, Alex Ramsey, Will Giese, Catherine Glessner, Abi Hincks and Avery May
Our visitors were pleased and excited to spend time with Jill and "Jack" Fulton and enjoyed a surprise appearance by Slugger!
Thank you to Jill Fulton and Jack Fulton-Service Dog!
We're grateful to Meredith Hawkins and Mike Hagerty for championing this event, and to Lisa Bird and Mark Capano for turning their vision into a reality. We appreciate Rod Corey and the 8th grade team for all they do to ensure that their students benefit fully from this essential learning opportunity. 
8th Graders Harry Mellor and Cody Richardson-Ryder
8th Grader Ella Buchanan
8th Grader Elsa Lutz-Mountain
Finally, to our 8th grade students, we all learned valuable lessons from watching you work yesterday. Thank you for your selfless approach to this time with our visitors. You made a powerful and positive difference for these children.

8th Grader Nick Knupple
8th Grader Abi Hincks

Friday, May 13, 2016

YEF supports adventures in Science

Barbara Ellis explains the recent trip to the Science Center:

The sixth grade traveled to the Science Center on the Portland waterfront on April 26th to check out the Astronomy and Robot Zoo exhibits. Among many other hands on activities, students got to experience weightlessness, camouflage themselves, design a spaceship, and learn how animals move. 

Many thanks to the Yarmouth PTO for helping to fund this worthwhile educational field trip!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

HMS Career Fair fosters hopes and dreams for the future

Mrs. Emmons and Ms. Mike-Creators of the HMS Career Fair
 May 6th brought excitement and anticipation to HMS students and staff with the return of our annual Career Fair.
Mr. Chris Lombard-Horse Trainer


Our students learned about 40 fascinating careers ranging from acupuncturist to veterinarian. Our guests presenters included parents, community members, and staff from Yarmouth schools. Each individual brought a wealth of expertise and information to their presentations, which were engaging and informative. They garnered rave reviews from our students! Bob Crowley, Gorham High School physics teacher and Survivor winner delivered an inspiring and entertaining keynote speech.

Mr. Dennis Hewitt-Automotive Mechanic

Mr. Tom Reinsborough-Plumbing and Heating
Special thanks and huge appreciation to Nini Emmons, Laura Mike, and the Career Fair Committee. We're exceptionally grateful for your work creating this invaluable learning experience for our students. Our gratitude to Kathy Gardner, Liz Reinsborough, Mike Arsenault and Brad Ciechomski for all of their support.

Mr. Mike Hagerty and Mr. John Beatty-Army

Dr. Scott Buchanan-Cardiac Surgeon
Finally, to our presenters, you made a wonderful and memorable impact on our students. Thank you for your commitment to our schools.
Mr. John Jordan teaches our students about lobstering

Mr. Bruce Brann and Mrs. Carli Page-Redman-Yarmouth Teacher
Mr. Bob Crowley-Keynote Speaker
Ms. Nikki Davoren-Boardercross Athlete

Friday, May 6, 2016

Thanks to our PTO

Dear PTO-

Thank you for everything you did to brighten our week and show your appreciation for our work. We loved the wonderful breakfast and the beautiful flowers and we feel so fortunate to work in this community and partner with you on behalf of your children! 

We agree with Pooh-the breakfast was exciting AND delicious-the perfect combination to start the day!

Thank you for brightening our week!

HMS Jazz Cafe

The spring concert season has arrived and with it the smooth, dulcet tones of HMS Jazz!

Congratulations and appreciation to the 5th Grade "People in White" Jazz Band, The 6th Grade "007" Jazz Band, and the Grade 7/8 Concert Jazz Band. These musicians impressed the audience with their cool performances, which demonstrated their talent and passion for this music. Our thanks and recognition to Mr. C.-the ultimate Director of Cool!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

7th Grade Math Team News

Thanks to Mr. Harrington for sharing this news:
On Tuesday, the 7th Grade Math Teams travelled to Portland for the end-of-year event at the Portland Expo. A great time was had by all - the 7th grade team continued their strong run with another top-ten finish and scored over 100 points for the first time this year!
Mathletes at work

The 7th Grade representatives: Anushka Canfield, Parker Harnett, Zoe Siegel, Charlotte McDonough, GW Ruth, and Evan Lucca

Final Math Meet News

Thanks to Barbara Ellis for sharing this exciting math team news:

Math teams from the fifth, sixth and seventh grade represented HMS in Portland at the final math meet of the year.  Everyone showed incredible math prowess as they tackled some very challenging math problems.

Several students from the sixth grade team achieved very high scores and earned ribbons and trophies.  Emily Mickool and Georgia Herr came home with fourth place individual ribbons,  and Elena Miller earned a second place trophy. 

Finally,  our sixth grade team placed first overall. Congratulations sixth graders and to all of the teams from HMS!  We couldn't be prouder of you all.

6th Grade Math Team: Krisztian Kovacs, Aiden Kamm, Kevin Kamm, Georgia Herr, Emily Mickool, and Elena Miller
Emily Mickool and Georgia Herr
Elena Miller