Monday, November 23, 2015

YEF Fall Grant Recipients!

It's difficult to express the excitement generated at HMS when we first catch a glimpse of the blue and white balloons! This can only mean one thing-a visit from the Yarmouth Education Foundation!

We're pleased to let you know that the fall visit from this amazing group took place this morning. Congratulations to the following YEF grant recipients:

Angie Turgeon and Kristina Walsh-Alternative Seating Choice for Increased Focus and Work Production
Kristina Walsh and Angie Turgeon

Merry Stuhr and Joan Adler-Glass Whiteboards Encourage & Inspire Student-Generated Questions

Merry Stuhr and Joan Adler

The HMS community is incredibly grateful to the Yarmouth Education Foundation for their ongoing support, commitment and dedication to our students and our work. Their efforts enable us to dream and imagine on behalf of our students.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

One Book, One School

HMS experienced a unique and innovative learning opportunity on October 22nd, as Merry Stuhr's and Molly Kilpatrick's One Book, One School YEF grant came to life for our community, culminating in Watt Key's visit. 

We're grateful to the Yarmouth Education Foundation for making this event possible!

We're looking forward to the upcoming video featuring Watt Key; the Yarmouth Digital Media Club is working on this project. 

Molly and Merry share their thoughts about this learning experience below, with special photos by Jessica Townsend:
Molly Kilpatrick, Watt Key, and Merry Stuhr

It was an exciting day at HMS as we wrapped up our One Book, One School reading experience! We welcomed Watt Key and spent the day with him in the library. Each grade level had 50 minutes with Watt as he shared stories from his time in the wilderness of Alabama, his inspiration for Alabama Moon, and his writing process. "I loved his honesty, and he made me laugh," an 8th grade student said. Watt is a terrific storyteller, and both students and staff felt a deeper connection to the characters we love from Alabama Moon. We learned about what it takes to survive in the wilderness of Alabama, as well as what it takes to be a successfully published author. HMS is always a true community of readers, but today felt even more special with our visit from Watt Key! 
Watt Key

Watt Key being introduced by Riley Anderson and Alexis Nisbit

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Wonder of Bats

Annie Kassler, bat enthusiast, recently visited the 7th grade science classes to discuss the importance of bats in our ecosystem. Annie showcased her educational "bat trunk", which she received through a grant from the State of Maine Forest Services.


These often misunderstood creatures are crucial to keeping populations of insects in check and helping to pollinate various crops. Annie discussed the recent decline in the bat populations due to White Nose Syndrome. This microbe is an invasive, and relates directly to the study of invasive species. She explained  how the microbe first came to the United States and what we can do to help the bat population prosper again. 


Bus Driver Appreciation

HMS students honored our bus drivers and thanked them for their work. The students greeted our drivers with a banner, and presented them with a sweet treat in appreciation of all they do for us!

7th Grade Students Learn About Invasive Species

Morgan Cuthbert explained the purpose of a recent trip to Spear Farm:
HMS Students visit Spear Farm
Kyle Warren, Head Steward of the Royal River Trust, and Ling Rao of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, joined our 7th grade science classes at Spear Farm for a fascinating exploration of invasive species.

Kyle and Ling led walks through the preserve and discussed the importance of the salt marsh, and the sanctuary located at the fresh water pond. The students gained great insight about the process used to identify local invasive species, and the management behind them.

HMS Students Attend Math Conference

HMS Students Attend ATMNE Conference
Jenny Jorgensen, HMS Lead Math Teacher, shared this information about an exciting experience for our students: 

On Oct. 29th and 30th, 30 Yarmouth students participated as helpers at the Association of Teachers of Mathematics of New England (ATMNE) conference held in Portland. The students directed teachers to conference rooms, helped presenters get ready for their sessions, assisted with lunch to ensure that things ran smoothly, and had the opportunity to join math workshops during the day. 

I received many positive comments from conference attendees and the ATMNE board members about our students' outstanding participation at the conference, and the wonderful way they represented our school. The students took full advantage of this opportunity to learn about how teachers continue their learning. 


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

6th graders learn about Underground Astronauts

The sixth graders experienced a fascinating journey to the past through the eyes of Becca Peixotto, one of the scientists who excavated the ancient bones found in South Africa. The work these "underground astronauts" are doing may change how scientists look at the human family tree.

The students were mesmerized by Becca's presentation, and by the photo of a dinosaur tooth found during the fossil sorting part of inquiry into geologic time, using the extinction event of 65 million years ago as the frame of reference.
Becca Peixotto

Dinosaur Tooth

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rich Smith featured on "Youth Sports" radio show

Rich Smith, 5th grade teacher and veteran coach, was interviewed on Love Maine Radio, on WPEI and WLOB last weekend. The show, called "Youth Sports", offers wonderful perspectives and insights on student athletes.  

Please take time to listen to this important interview: here

Rich Smith