Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Little Free Library

Molly Smith shared the following information about what her 6th grade students (almost 7th graders!) have been up to this year:

We've been very busy drilling, hammering, sanding, re-figuring and painting our two Little Free Libraries over the past few months and I am pleased to share that they are FINALLY ready to put up in our community! Yarmouth Community Services is helping us dig holes and put in our two designs in our chosen locations: Royal River Park on the kiosk right near the parking lot, and the edge of the Shipyard playground on North Road. We have some book donations to start off with (though we could use more gently used books if you have any lurking about your home :) and we've written letters to the residents of the surrounding community to let them know they will have a LFL near them!

The kids have worked very hard, with a little help from the amazing and generous Tom Reinsborough, and I am thrilled to see the finished products shared with our community! You can visit the LFLs anytime to borrow/take/leave a book and remember to tell your neighbors to visit, too!

We're pleased to let you know that the Little Free Libraries were installed today, Tuesday, June 18th! They are ready and waiting for our students, families, and community members to drop by.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Barbara Pendleton Award

Congratulations to 8th graders Calli Fuller and George Jutrus, winners of this year's Barbara Pendleton Award! This award is presented annually in memory of Barbara Pendleton, who worked in the HMS cafeteria for many years. Mrs. Pendleton was kind, cheerful, and helpful to students and her co-workers.

Calli and George exemplify Yarmouth's Core Values. They have been consistently helpful and polite in the cafeteria. The Nutrition Team at Harrison Middle School recognizes these students as honorable, respectful and caring. Well done Calli and George!

Barbara Bush Childrens Hospital Fund Raiser

To raise money for the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center the Student Leadership Team sold strips of duct tape, and raffle tickets to duct tape Mr. Brann to the wall, and turn Mr. Arsenault into a sundae, on May 24.  

While Mr. Brann didn't stick to the wall for long, and Mr. Arsenault seemed to melt quickly, the event was a success with over $500 raised.  The money raised will be used to buy a Fetal Heart Monitor. Thanks to all of our students and staff who participated in this event!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Doc Doc Goose

The fifth grade cast and crew of Doc Doc Goose put on two incredible shows this weekend! The inspired acting, and whimsical sets and costumes brought this imaginative, funny story to life. The actors' creative interpretations of their characters delighted the audience!

Thanks to Kathy Gardner for all her work, and support of our shows!

Thanks also to our parent volunteers-we could not do this without you!

Sincere gratitude to our wonderful Director Deb Sevee, and to Pete Sevee, and John and Avery Sevee for everything they do to make these shows possible! We are so fortunate to benefit from your many talents!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Young Athletes Festival

HMS 8th grade students did an outstanding job partnering with the Maine Special Olympics to host the first ever Young Athletes Festival at HMS on Friday, 5/31! Meredith Hawkins, a freshman at Yarmouth High School, brought this idea forward during her 7th grade year, as part of her persuasive essay on "Banning the R Word".

During this event 8th grade students worked with children ages 2 through 8, at a variety of stations designed to support the skills necessary for these students to participate in the Special Olympics. Our 8th graders coached, played, encouraged, and cheered for our guests, to ensure that each one of them had a thoroughly enjoyable time!

Thanks to our 8th grade students and teachers for all they did to make this a memorable day for these children. Special thanks to Meredith Hawkins, Mr. Hagerty, and Mr. Corey for their commitment to making this happen at HMS. 

Our sincere gratitude to Lisa Bird, and Mark Capano for their guidance, support, and the tireless effort they put in to all they do!

Please click on the link below to view a beautiful video documenting this event by 8th grader Clare Walsh.