Monday, February 23, 2015

STEAM Students Learn About Fluids and More!

Randy Dehetre, HMS STEAM teacher, shared the following information with us about an interesting experiment in his classroom:

Students in Mr. Dehetre's 6th grade STEAM class are learning about fluids through pneumatic and hydraulic experiments thanks to a grant from the Yarmouth Education Foundation.

Our first experiment dealt with learning the units of measure used for air pressure by using an air compressor to inflate a bicycle tire. The units we studied are PSI (pounds per square inch) and Bar. After using a full size construction type air compressor, students were challenged to build a balloon inflator using the Fischertechnik pneumatics kits funded by YEF. The task was to build the inflator, study the strength of the material the balloon is made of through observation and feel, and then estimate in time how long it would take the inflator to burst the balloon. Students learned that the material was a lot stronger than they initially thought, and that the strength of the compressor wasn't as strong as they thought either. Most balloons took between 12 and 13 minutes to burst. Our experiment was successful as students learned about estimation. 

However, a second question surfaced. What causes the balloon to make the "pop" sound? We began to think like scientists.

Students felt that the sound was made by the balloon material snapping back to it's original state. Is that the cause? Could it be the difference between the atmospheric pressure and the inside pressure of the balloon? Thus, when bursting, a small shock wave is produced as the released air moves from high pressure to low pressure and back until it equalizes with the atmospheric pressure. That was Mr. Dehetre's guess as he thought back to his college physics classes. It was just a guess and students were reminded that it was only a guess.

We made a slow motion video of a balloon bursting and broke it down frame by frame. Over vacation, Mr. Dehetre contacted Dr. Mark Semon, professor of physics at Bates College with the question as to what is causing the "pop" noise. After discussing Mr. Dehetre's thoughts with his colleagues it was agreed that his guess was most likely correct. The professor doesn't believe that the balloon material could make the "pop" noise and that it was the difference of air pressure within the balloon equalizing to the atmospheric pressure.

Here is a break down of each frame from our slow motion video. Frame 1. Sam is blowing up the balloon. Frame 2. Balloon seems to be getting thinner on one side. Frame 3. Balloon bursts. Frame 4. Wave of air begins. Notice Sam's hair. Frame 5. Air finally reaches Sam's hair. Frame 6. Second wave seems to begin but doesn't seem strong enough. 

Paige Reinfelder's work is selected for PMA Show

Elaine Fletcher, HMS Art teacher, shared this exciting news with us:

HMS eighth grader Paige Reinfelder has had her work selected to represent Frank H. Harrison Middle School in the annual Youth Art Month show at the Portland Museum of Art. Paige’s portrait drawing, done in graphite and colored pencil, is titled “Dreamer”.

The show will be on display at the PMA from February 28th through March 29th, and features artwork by many Maine students of all ages. If you get a chance, it is well worth stopping in to see the young talent on display!

Congratulations to Paige!

Paige Reinfelder's "Dreamer"

Have A Heart Food Drive

We want to thank the 2022 Super Justice Team for bringing the Have A Heart Food Drive to HMS!

The Yarmouth Community Food Pantry was the beneficiary of the students' wonderful work. The students organized and implemented this project. Their energy and enthusiasm inspired HMS students, parents, and staff to donate to this worthy cause. We congratulate these students on this community service project, and all of the hard work it took to turn this idea into action!

Alice Moskovitz, Ella Doxsee, Ali McClafferty, Olivia May, Oliva Rosa, Asher Lockwood, Quin O'Meara
Hilary Connor, Lexi Inger, Ella Maxwell, Ari Rustad, Milo Weibus

Congratulations to Franz-Peter Jerosch

Franz-Peter Jerosch (grade 8) and his partner, Lindsy Stevenson, of Southborough, MA placed eighth in juvenile pairs at the US Figure Skating Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

Franz and Lindsy earned their berth by placing second in the Eastern Sectionals in November. Representing the Skating Club of Boston, they received a score of 31.37 to finish within eight points of the champions. Twelve pairs competed in the event.
On Saturday night, January 31st, Franz was featured on Bill Green's Maine on WCSH channel 6, in a segment about his experience participating in U.S. Figure Skating Championships last week in North Carolina. Congratulations to Franz on a job well done!

Franz-Peter Jerosch



Thank You PTO

The day before the winter break the PTO celebrated Valentine's Day at HMS with numerous, delicious treats.

Thank you PTO.

More thank you PTO.

Monday, February 16, 2015

HMS Ski Team wins States!

We're excited to share the following information about the recent ski competitions!

The nordic boys' and girls' teams competed in the class B state meet at Fryeburg on Saturday, February 14th. The boys' and girls' teams both placed 1st.

The alpine boys' and girls' teams competed on Thursday February, 12th. Alpine boys placed 3rd and alpine girls placed 4th. 

The alpine and nordic teams received the GOLD medal for the overall combined top team for boys and girls. 

Such an awesome team effort; CONGRATULATIONS to all of our skiers, and Coach Corey, and Coach Gross! Thanks to all of our amazing parents for their support!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

HMS Scholastic Writing Contest Winners

We are excited to announce that thirteen HMS students will be honored at the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Ceremony in Portland on February 27th. Gold Key Winners' work will travel on to the National Competition. 

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards were founded in 1923. As their website notes: Since its founding, the Awards have established an amazing track record for identifying the early promise of our nation’s most accomplished and prolific creative leaders. Alumni include artists Andy Warhol, Philip Pearlstein, Cy Twombly, Robert Indiana, Kay WalkingStick, and John Baldessari; writers Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Bernard Malamud, Maya Goldberg, and Joyce Carol Oates; photographer Richard Avedon (who won for poetry); actors Frances Farmer, Robert Redford, Alan Arkin, and John Lithgow; and filmmakers Stan Brakhage, Ken Burns, and Richard Linklater. Outside the arts, Awards alumni employ their creativity to become successful in any number of ways – leaders in fields including journalism, medicine, finance, government and public service, the law, science, design, and more. 

Heartfelt congratulations to the following students for this impressive accomplishment. We thank them for sharing their talent and creativity with us.  

Gold Key:
Natalie Bourassa, Personal Essay

Hannah Grant, Personal Essay
Andrea Mwindu, Poetry

Emma Walsh, Personal Essay

Silver Key:
Caroline Grant, Poetry
Jesse Guzman, Short Story 

Isabelle King, Personal Essay 
Eleanor Rasor, Poetry
Sophie Wink, Personal Essay

Honorable Mention
Clementine Blashcke, Personal Essay

Claire Brady, Personal Essay 
Andrea Mwindu, Poetry 
Lulu Rasor, Personal Essay 
Anna Sladek, Poetry 
TOP Row: Caroline Grant, Eleanor Rasor, Clementine Blaschke, Anna Sladek, Claire Brady, Sophie Wink

BOTTOM Row: Natalie Bourassa, Hannah Grant, Lulu Rasor, Emily Walsh
Unfortunately not pictured in photo: Andrea Mwindu, Jesse Guzman, Isabelle King

Monday, February 2, 2015

Jared Conant named MDA Goodwill Ambassador

New Maine MDA Goodwill ambassador named


10-year-old Jared Conant, described as a happy and energetic boy from Yarmouth, has been named Maine's Goodwill Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

As the newest ambassador, Jared will make public appearances in the community, representing individuals and families living with the muscle disease. MDA ambassadors play an essential role in motivating the public to help MDA through donations and volunteer action.

Jared is the son of Barry Conant. He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) at the age of 8. DMD is one of the muscle diseases covered by MDA's research and care programs.
Jared is currently in the fifth grade, and enjoys swimming and playing on his local Little League team. He is active in the community as he is the high school's field manager and soccer team's statistician. Jared enjoys attending MDA Summer Camp and loves building with his Lego Collection.
Jared Conant