Thursday, April 24, 2014

7th Grade Students speak at Earth Day event and will present at an ecology forum

The Sierra Club of Maine invited HMS 7th grade students to speak about their research on the Invasive European Green Crab, and its impact on the coastal ecosystem of Maine. This invitation was part of an Earth Day commemoration. Duncan Birkbeck, Olivia Feeley and Sophie Walsh attended, along with Morgan Cuthbert, 7th grade math/science teacher. Congressman Mike Michaud spoke at this event. He commended the students for tackling this real-life issue, and for their continuing work on a solution.

In other Green Crab news, HMS 7th grade students have also been invited to speak about their research at the 2014 Ecology Forum, which will be held at the University of Maine. Congratulations to all!
Morgan Cuthbert, Duncan Birkbeck, Mike Michaud, Olivia Feeley, Sophie Walsh

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jenny Jorgensen Presents...

Jenny Jorgensen presented on the Common Core Mathematical Practices at the recent ATOMIM conference (the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine is an affiliate of The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). 

Jenny's presentation focused on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards Mathematical Practices. Participants were provided with guidance and opportunities to solve rich problems, discuss solutions as a whole group, and reflect on the CCSS Math Practices applicable to each problem. They made vital connections between curriculum and the practices as they worked together. 

Jenny continues to guide our work in this area; we're fortunate to benefit from her expertise and her cutting edge knowledge. 

CCSS Mathematical Practices:
Makes sense of problems and perseveres in solving them
Reasons abstractly and quantitatively
Constructs viable arguments and critiques the reasoning of others
Models with mathematics
Uses appropriate tools strategically
Attends to precision
Looks for and makes use of structure
Looks for and expresses regularity in repeated reasoning


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yarmouth Educational Foundation Grants

1. Mr. Arsenault, Sam Marjerison and Mr. Cuthbert

2. Mr. Harrington, Mr. Cuthbert and Mrs. Fortier

3. Mr. Cuthbert and Mr. Hagerty

4. Mrs. Weinrich and Mrs. Stuhr

5. Mrs. Kilpatrick  and Mrs. Robison
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you YEF (Yarmouth Educational Foundation). The five "thank you" are not a typo; YEF awarded HMS five grants this morning:
  1.  Clipper AV (Audio and Video) Club equipment
  2. A class set of the Motic D-EL-1 Handheld Microscopes for the 7th Grade
  3. Elkay LZS8WSLK Light Gray Granite EZH2O Wall Mount Drinking Fountains with Bottle Filler Stations
  4. Chairs for the enhancement of the Library's Teen/Tween Reading Space
  5. 5th and 6th Grade Reader's Notebooks
 Please make note of the smiling faces!!!!! And, one last thank you YEF.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 HMS Career Fair

Our students had the wonderful opportunity to learn more about their interests, passions, and possible career paths at the annual HMS Career Fair, held on 4.15.14. Volunteers representing 41 different professions shared information and perceptions about a day in the life of their vocation. Many presenters provided hands on opportunities for our students, which allowed them to experience the specific skills and activities related to these careers. Common themes among presenters included the need for determination, perseverance, and consistent hard work.

Dr. Scott Buchanan

 Pete Kilpatrick, our keynote speaker, was one of the highlights of this exciting day. Our students were thrilled to learn about Pete's journey into the music business, and loved the concert he provided for us as part of his presentation.

Pete Kilpatrick

Dr. Kathy Seymour (Dettman)

 Our students enjoyed this special day; presenters commented on their exemplary behavior.

Mr. Chris Lombard

Special thanks to our dynamic Career Fair Committee: Nini Emmons, Laura Mike, Rich Smith, Ira Warshaw, Bob Morse, and Mike Arsenault for the time and effort they put into this event. Our gratitude to Kathy Gardner and Liz Reinsborough for everything they did to ensure that this day went off without a hitch.

LTC. John Beatty

Finally, our heartfelt appreciation to all of our presenters who volunteered to share their time and talent with us today. You made an invaluable impact on our community.

Mr. Roberto Borda
Mr. Randall Bates

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Letters about Literature

Congratulations to Alexandra Augur, and Ashlyn Feeley, both chosen as semi-finalists in the Letters about Literature contest! We're thrilled that their talent, creativity, and hard work are being recognized in this way. The selections were made from about 1000 Maine entries, which is an incredible achievement!

Alexandra Augur and Ashlyn Feeley

HMS Art Work at Central Office

Every year the Yarmouth art staff take turns showing student work at the Superintendent's Office on McCartney Street. HMS has the display from now through June.

The following students' work is on display there:

5th grade: Watercolor & Ink
Charlotte McDonough

6th grade Mask Sculptures:
Ella Buchanan
David Hattan
Kendrick Langenbach
Brenton Burgess
Emi Schneider
Emily Corson

7th grade: Abstract Tempera Paintings
Jack Romano
Zoe Hardel
Claire Scott
Natalie Bourassa
John Jordan
Olivia Feeley

Congratulations to these hard-working artists!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Honors District 2 Jazz Band Musicians

Congratulations to Nick Prato, Emi Ruth, Parker Rollins, and Michael Guertler for their outstanding work in the Honors District 2 Jazz Band performance! We're proud to have these talented musicians represent HMS. Thank you to Mr. C. for his continuing guidance and support!
Nick Prato, Eni Ruth, Parker Rollins, Michael Guertler

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Makerspace Returns to HMS

Makerspace made a triumphant return to HMS last week, thanks to the efforts of Merry Stuhr, Tracy Weinrich, Charlotte Agell, and Molly Kellogg.

Merry, Charlotte and Molly organized and implemented this exciting activity, which provides our 5th grade students with the opportunity to create individual projects from a wide variety of materials. The students truly loved this experience; they shared their enthusiasm with their teachers and peers. Merry shared the following description of Maker space:

"What would you make if nobody told you what to make?"  That was the challenge given to fifth grade students this past week as Makerspace returned to HMS for its second year.  Tables filled with everything from ping pong balls to pulleys were ready for the students to make, create, tinker, craft, build, play and collaborate!

The whole idea behind the Makerspace movement is to nurture creativity.  It's an opportunity to think outside the box while having a whole lot of fun.  Taking risks is encouraged and "failures" are even celebrated, because as Thomas Edison once said, "“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”  At the end of each hour-long session, creations such as skateboards, vending machines, robots and modern art (to name just a few!) walked out the door with their makers.   It is our fervent hope that making will continue in each student's life long after this year's Makerspace comes to a close.

James Depp featured on 207!

Congratulations to James Depp for his work with the Circus Conservatory of America! James' aerial silks talent was recently featured on 207; he's the first performer you'll see in this story.

James has been working on learning this exciting skill, which takes perseverance and determination, for the past six years. He'll be performing at the First Friday Art Walk in Portland in June.

Please click on the link below to see James in action!
James Depp