Sunday, April 6, 2014

Makerspace Returns to HMS

Makerspace made a triumphant return to HMS last week, thanks to the efforts of Merry Stuhr, Tracy Weinrich, Charlotte Agell, and Molly Kellogg.

Merry, Charlotte and Molly organized and implemented this exciting activity, which provides our 5th grade students with the opportunity to create individual projects from a wide variety of materials. The students truly loved this experience; they shared their enthusiasm with their teachers and peers. Merry shared the following description of Maker space:

"What would you make if nobody told you what to make?"  That was the challenge given to fifth grade students this past week as Makerspace returned to HMS for its second year.  Tables filled with everything from ping pong balls to pulleys were ready for the students to make, create, tinker, craft, build, play and collaborate!

The whole idea behind the Makerspace movement is to nurture creativity.  It's an opportunity to think outside the box while having a whole lot of fun.  Taking risks is encouraged and "failures" are even celebrated, because as Thomas Edison once said, "“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”  At the end of each hour-long session, creations such as skateboards, vending machines, robots and modern art (to name just a few!) walked out the door with their makers.   It is our fervent hope that making will continue in each student's life long after this year's Makerspace comes to a close.

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