Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yarmouth Educational Foundation Grants

1. Mr. Arsenault, Sam Marjerison and Mr. Cuthbert

2. Mr. Harrington, Mr. Cuthbert and Mrs. Fortier

3. Mr. Cuthbert and Mr. Hagerty

4. Mrs. Weinrich and Mrs. Stuhr

5. Mrs. Kilpatrick  and Mrs. Robison
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you YEF (Yarmouth Educational Foundation). The five "thank you" are not a typo; YEF awarded HMS five grants this morning:
  1.  Clipper AV (Audio and Video) Club equipment
  2. A class set of the Motic D-EL-1 Handheld Microscopes for the 7th Grade
  3. Elkay LZS8WSLK Light Gray Granite EZH2O Wall Mount Drinking Fountains with Bottle Filler Stations
  4. Chairs for the enhancement of the Library's Teen/Tween Reading Space
  5. 5th and 6th Grade Reader's Notebooks
 Please make note of the smiling faces!!!!! And, one last thank you YEF.


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