Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jenny Jorgensen Presents...

Jenny Jorgensen presented on the Common Core Mathematical Practices at the recent ATOMIM conference (the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine is an affiliate of The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). 

Jenny's presentation focused on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards Mathematical Practices. Participants were provided with guidance and opportunities to solve rich problems, discuss solutions as a whole group, and reflect on the CCSS Math Practices applicable to each problem. They made vital connections between curriculum and the practices as they worked together. 

Jenny continues to guide our work in this area; we're fortunate to benefit from her expertise and her cutting edge knowledge. 

CCSS Mathematical Practices:
Makes sense of problems and perseveres in solving them
Reasons abstractly and quantitatively
Constructs viable arguments and critiques the reasoning of others
Models with mathematics
Uses appropriate tools strategically
Attends to precision
Looks for and makes use of structure
Looks for and expresses regularity in repeated reasoning


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