Saturday, May 28, 2016

Former St. Bakhita Students Visit HMS

Paula Vicenzi provided the update below on the wonderful connection with our friends in Uganda. Paula introduced HMS to the students and staff at St. Bakhita several years ago. Through her efforts we've stayed in touch with them ever since; our students continue to learn about the lives of their friends who attend St. Bakhita:

Susan, Bosco, Florence with Amaris, andCharlie
On May 11th, 5th grade students listened to Charlie and Susan Roscoe talk about their recent trip to the St Bakhita School in Uganda. Charlie and Susan run the non-profit Schools for Refugees where many of our students have exchanged letters with students from the school since 2012.

Students reading letter from HMS penpals
The biggest surprise for our kids was meeting Bosco and Florence, who are former students (and now husband and wife) of the St. Bakhita School. Florence described the life and living conditions at the refugee settlement and Bosco told our students how much the children there appreciate letters from HMS.  

Florence and Amaris
Students enjoyed watching Florence wrap an African blanket on her back to carry their baby Amaris the way many mothers do in Africa. 

HMS students meet Florence and Amaris

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