Saturday, May 14, 2016

'16 Young Athletes Festival

Our 8th grade students and teachers hosted the annual Young Athletes Festival on May 13th. This special event was created by Meredith Hawkins, YHS senior, during her 7th grade year at HMS. Meredith's essay on "Banning the R word" led to a partnership between our 8th grade students and Lisa Bird and Mark Capano, from The Special Olympics. The festival provides opportunities for children too young to participate in the Special Olympics to practice activities related to the games. Lisa trains our 8th grade students to coach our visitors through a variety of stations.
Meredith Hawkins

Our students did exceptional work yesterday. They immersed themselves in this experience and focused their attention on our visitors' needs, comfort and happiness. They gently supported and encouraged the children to participate and created an environment of fun and acceptance. The parents and teachers at the festival were incredibly moved by our students' investment in this event and impressed by their interactions with the children.
8th Graders Najee McQueen, Alex Ramsey, Will Giese, Catherine Glessner, Abi Hincks and Avery May
Our visitors were pleased and excited to spend time with Jill and "Jack" Fulton and enjoyed a surprise appearance by Slugger!
Thank you to Jill Fulton and Jack Fulton-Service Dog!
We're grateful to Meredith Hawkins and Mike Hagerty for championing this event, and to Lisa Bird and Mark Capano for turning their vision into a reality. We appreciate Rod Corey and the 8th grade team for all they do to ensure that their students benefit fully from this essential learning opportunity. 
8th Graders Harry Mellor and Cody Richardson-Ryder
8th Grader Ella Buchanan
8th Grader Elsa Lutz-Mountain
Finally, to our 8th grade students, we all learned valuable lessons from watching you work yesterday. Thank you for your selfless approach to this time with our visitors. You made a powerful and positive difference for these children.

8th Grader Nick Knupple
8th Grader Abi Hincks

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