Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mystery Dinner Theater Sucess, Thanks to our PTO!

Melina Roberts, HMS PTO Liaison and organizer extraordinaire, shared this exciting recap of the HMS Mystery Dinner Theater. We can't thank Melina, Amie Moore, and the PTO enough for all they do to support our schools!
Congratulations to all of our wonderful murder mystery detectives! We appreciate your participation in capturing the callous killer. The Yarmouth PTO earned $1700 at our first annual Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. 
Thanks to our wonderful seventh and eighth grade actors and wait staff! Thank you to the HMS teachers, staff and volunteers who came out to support our students and our PTO. We're grateful to Dave Mason for bringing this wonderful, creative community event to the PTO and Harrison Middle School.
Huge appreciation to Dave Mason, Jesica Garrou, Michele Lucca, Diane Campos, Alison Moore and Melina Roberts, along with Jenny Jorgensen and Karyn Smith for their work and input. 
This year’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Gumshoe Award goes to:
Ava Knuppel, Master Detective

The mystery unfolds!

Patty O'Doores and Dave Mason

See you all next year to solve the next crime!

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