Sunday, March 23, 2014

Everything's Groovy!

The cast and crew of Everything's Groovy did a remarkable job with this fun, entertaining, colorful show that takes us back to the 60's for a music, beads, and flowers celebration! All of the students involved put in long hours to perfect their roles, and create the 60's inspired sets, costumes, and atmosphere. The audience was mesmerized by the performances; our students' efforts could be seen and heard in every moment of this whimsical production.

We're grateful to our 6th graders who participated in the play-we couldn't have done it without you!

Special thanks, as always, to Kathy Gardner who works behind the scenes on all play related needs, and creates the great programs for each of our shows.

Heartfelt thanks to Betsy Reinsborough, Melina Roberts, and Lyn Glassock for all of their support, and to all of our parents who helped out in so many different ways during this run.

Our gratitude to wonderful director, Deb Sevee, for her vision, guidance and persistence with this show, and to Pete, John, and Avery Sevee for everything they do for HMS!

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