Saturday, June 18, 2016

YEF Ends the Year on a Sweet Note

Karyn Smith receives Clipper Honors

HMS thanks the Yarmouth Education Foundation for the Clipper Honors that were delivered this week! This meant so much to our teachers. YEF continues to inspire and spread joy throughout our community.

Thanks to Allison Flowerdew for sharing these great photos. Here are just a few of the lucky, very happy recipients:

Stephanie Robison, Bruce Brann, and Meghan Haugevik

Mike Hagerty
Stephanie Robison, Bob Morse, Julie Logan, Ragan Bartlett, Meghan Haugevik, Barbara Ellis
Mr. C.
Bruce Brann
Joan Adler
Merry Stuhr
 Shawna said it best, "YUM!"-a delicious way to end the year.

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