Saturday, June 18, 2016

Legenda-20th Anniversary

Congratulations to the Legenda staff, Charlotte Agell, all of our students who submitted work to this beautiful and unique literary magazine, and those whose pieces were published this year. We appreciate learning from your creativity and talent and we understand the risk that all artists take when sharing their craft with others.

Our gratitude to Charlotte, who makes this important publication possible year after year, as she continues to nurture our students' impressive abilities. 

Legenda Staff
Tessa Piker
Lily McDowell
Brenton Burgess
Michael McNeil
Gus Edwards
Emi Schneider
Ellie Ralph
Audrey Welsh
Sadie Cowles
Maddie Hayes
Sam O'Donnell
Brienne Hathcock
Cole DeCristoforo
Jacob Veilleux
Justin Veilleux
Connor Tull
Harry Mellor
Thomas Kuhn
Nick Knuppel
Steve Antoine
Ethan Roth
Noah Bibula
James Moore
Tom Zurkan

Fearless Leader
Charlotte Agell

Al Dente Designer
Mitchell Rasor

Awesome Person
Holly Allen


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