Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yarmouth Education Foundation Grants Awarded

The Yarmouth Education Foundation’s (YEF) mission is to promote and enhance educational excellence by generating independent funding for innovative educational projects, enrichment programs and other creative educational initiatives that fall outside the standard budget and curriculum. The Foundation will allocate funds during two grant cycles (fall and spring) each year. 

HMS was awarded three Yarmouth Education Foundation Grants in the first round of these grants.

Google Ninjas
Students in grades 7-12 and staff will be able to become experts in the Google Apps (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites and Google Calendar) by taking advantage of online training. Once they demonstrate their knowledge by passing an online test on each of the Google Apps each participant will receive a static cling sticker that may be affixed to the top of their laptop. These stickers will create a visual way for other students and staff members to know who can help them when they are having difficulties with any of the Google Apps.

Inquiry Book Project
Interested students & staff will fill blank sketchbooks with ideas in words and/or images to match one of the themes provided and will share that work by sending the books on a local tour throughout Yarmouth and possibly the greater Portland area. The grant for the Inquiry Book Project was inspired by the official Sketchbook project out of Brooklyn, NY.

Healthy Hearts for HMS

The grant allows for the purchase of 25 pairs of snowshoes. This outdoor activity will help develop a life long recreational experience and promote health and overall wellness. 

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