Friday, September 14, 2012

How Did They Do That?

How Did They Do That?
This is a group project by Elaine Fletcher's 8th grade Art classes. Each student received a 2" square with a portion of the larger picture on it. Each student enlarged their square onto a 9" piece of white drawing paper, carefully observing the values within it and the location of the values. No one knew what the picture would be until it went up, and all the pieces came together to form the whole.

Each student had a responsibility to the group to do his/her best work, and every square was important in its own way.

Why Did They Do It?
This lesson reviewed the Value Studio (learned during the 7th grade Still Life Drawing Unit), and introduced the grid enlargement technique, which will be used by individual students later in the semester.

It also was a great way to begin discussing artistic vision, individual style, and the viewpoint many artists use. The viewer (those walking by, as well as, the student artists themselves) can note the difference between viewing this work up close and standing back from it. The Viewer's eye makes connections that our drawing doesn't quite make.

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