Friday, October 12, 2012

Not Your Typical Physical (Education)

Imagine being blindfolded and having a classmate talk you through this course. If you bump an object, you must do a 360 and then continue. And, you must pick up certain objects from one place and put it down in another.

This is not the typical physical education class that you see in most schools - it is the program that we offer students.

This unit of study is Team Building. This particular activity is called Mission Impossible.

The Essential Learning for this unit is:
  1. Students will demonstrate safe, respectful and responsible behavior as they cooperate  with their peers to complete a variety of team building initiatives.
  2. Students will use respectful conflict resolution and communication skills as they work together in the team building process. 
To learn more about what's offered for students in Physical Education check out Brian Skilling's Teacher Page on the HMS HomePage.

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