Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Exciting News for the HMS Robotics Team!

On Saturday, January 18th,  Mr. Harrington, Mr. Cuthbert and the HMS robotics team, The Clipperbots, competed in a VEX Robotics State Qualifying Event at Erskine Academy.  After forty-nine match rounds, The Clipperbots were safely in 9th place. During the alliance rounds a 5th place Team from Lake Region High School chose to compete with the HMS team; this proved to be a great partnership. 

The two teams qualified for the semifinals, and defeated the 2nd place team, Cape Elizabeth High School and Madison High School, to make it into the finals. The HMS team was defeated by the 1st place team, Cede White Mountain Academy and Hampden Academy.

The HMS team has qualified for the state championship in the second year of their program, outranking twenty other high school teams! This is a fantastic showing from our dedicated students and staff.

Mr. Harrington and Mr. Cuthbert are so proud of the students' work. These teammates demonstrated the following:
  • team work
  • trouble shooting
  • calm under pressure
  • programming
  • discussion
  • planning
  • trial/ error
  • compassion
  • understanding
  • leadership
  • networking
  • honesty
A HUGE thank you to our supportive parent volunteers, Rich Weinberg and Adam Moore!  The team would not have been able to move forward without their support!
 Congratulations to the Clipperbots!
Tori Moore
Reed Oestreicher
Emilie Hardel
Phil Bock
Emmett Herr
Jackson Rollins
Hannah Zimmerman
Eli Anderson
Sam Weinberg

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