Sunday, October 26, 2014

8th Grade students experiment with Digital Photography

Elaine Fletcher, HMS art teacher,  shared this information about the fascinating 8th Grade Digital Photography Unit:

In this unit students learn some of the ways to compose a quality photograph, shoot a photograph, and manipulate a photograph in an editing program to improve it if necessary. Students watch a video on composition, practice identifying elements of quality photo design, and have four shooting sessions.

Once the students have a number of photos loaded onto their laptops, they learn to edit photos for quality and/or mood. They evaluate their photos and go through the process of deciding on their ten best. Then they narrow their choices down to their 3 best photos, and these photos are printed. Finally, students select one photo to demonstrate, through a written form, their understanding of what elements of quality composition are present in that photograph that help determine its high quality.

The photo below was taken the morning after I put up the photo display (nearly all HMS student work is displayed). The photo display always draws a crowd of interested onlookers. I took the photo through the glass case in the art room. In the foreground are 6th grade mask sculptures, in progress-  they often draw lots of viewers, too!



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