Tuesday, January 20, 2015

8th Grade Students explore Nonfiction

Our eighth grade students are absorbed in their book groups, as they learn about nonfiction writing. This is the fourth year that eighth grade Language Arts teachers are using these book groups to expose our students to informational texts, and teach them how to read nonfiction. This unique format provides the opportunity for students reading the same book to respond to challenging, engaging prompts, which promote critical thinking, and the need to site evidence about the characters, conflicts and settings of these books.

Some examples of these prompts are below (you can also click on the link), along with the photo demonstrating our students' investment in this work.


Nonfiction Book Group

1/15/15 If you could say something to one person in your book, or ask him/her a question, what would it be and why?  Be thorough in explaining why you would say/ask this statement/question.

1/13/15 Write a statement that best summarizes the central idea of the text you will read today. This is to be done individually after you finish your reading. You should start doing this when there are 10 -15 minutes left in class. Once your group is all done, discuss your statements and come up with one for your group to post on the blog. 

1/12/15 What conflict(s) seem to be emerging in your book thus far? What evidence is there from the text that this/these conflicts exist?
1/09/15 What questions do you have about the book thus far?  What is confusing? 

1/08/15 Who are some of the key people mentioned so far? Describe them as much as you can, using both physical and non-physical traits.

1/07/15 What is the setting of this true story?  Be sure to be specific with time and place and share any significance it has and/or thoughts you have on the setting.



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