Saturday, September 3, 2016

Shellfish Nursery Website

Ben Cox-Faxon and Morgan Cuthbert
Morgan Cuthbert and his past and present students have taken on a fascinating project, which began this summer. Check out the Yarmouth Shelfish Nursery, funded by the Yarmouth Education Foundation, to learn more about the implications of this important, community-based work. 

Morgan Cuthbert

Please see the information below, which provides an introduction, and stay tuned for updates.

Colby Cuthbert helps out
Home Page
A cooperative learning study between the school and town.
Proudly funded by the Yarmouth Education Foundation.
Located at the Yarmouth Town Landing.  

Contact Information:
Lead Teacher - Morgan Cuthbert -
Harbor Master and Shellfish Warden - Bob Byron

A special thanks to the following students whose time has allowed the project to evolve.
Duncan Birkbeck, Clementine Blaschke, Connor Senger, Ben Cox-Faxon, Grady Welsh, Olivia Feeley

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