Friday, February 17, 2012

New Art Unit of Study

Elaine Fletcher, HMS art teacher, created a new unit of study - 8th Grade Metal Tooling - this year. After I viewed this unit of study I wrote the following:

Wow! This was a great first time through a new unit of study. You were so well prepared that everything went off amazingly - the students were engaged - almost as much as the teacher. The direct instruction got the students up to speed and ready to venture off on their own. You encouraged and supported their creativity. You expected students to talk and walk the vocabulary and they did not disappoint you. The assessment demonstrated what they had learned and what challenges they found in this unit. The final products - each and everyone - were outstanding! This unit was a pure success - you planned it and pulled it off. Although not planned, a piece from this unit was selected for display during Youth Art Month at the Portland Museum of Art.

The month of March is Youth Art Month. In celebration of this, the Maine Art Education Association holds an annual show of student work from throughout the state at the Portland Museum of Art. Each MAEA member art teacher may select one student piece to represent the school in the show. Hundreds of works are displayed and a certificate is awarded to each participant to commemorate this honor.

This year’s Harrison Middle School's representative piece is a copper sculpture created by eighth grader Susannah Lickus. This beautifully crafted and exceptionally detailed piece is of a flower, and is entitled “Full Bloom”. It truly rewards the viewer for coming in close.

The show runs from Tuesday, February 28 through Sunday, April 1, 2012 at the Portland Museum of Art. The certificate reception is on Saturday, March 10. Eighth through twelfth grade awards are made at 6:30PM. It will be well worth the trip to see this statewide student art show!

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