Thursday, June 18, 2015

In celebration of Legenda

Once again this year the HMS Legenda (19th Anniversary Edition) thrilled and enthralled readers in our building and district wide.

Thanks to all of our talented, creative students who submitted writing and artwork to this unique publication.

Congratulations to the incredible Legenda Staff for creating this inspiring magazine!

Some of the amazing Legenda Staff

Legenda Staff:
Jackson Rollins
Elias Rich
Page Reinfelder
Scarlett McLaughlin
Emilie Estabrook
Dylan Doyle
Max Emrich-Shanks
Kim Fuller
Isabelle King
Lulu Rasor
Pie Rasor
Parker Rollins
Natalie Bourassa
Grady Welsh
Harry Steinharter
Robby Sharkey
Sean Whynot
Wyatt Bates
Olivia Feeley
Vicky Williams
Rachel Walton

Fearless Leader
Charlotte Agell

Delirious Designer
Mitchell Rasor

Friendly Tech Whisperer
Holly Allen

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