Friday, June 12, 2015

"littleBits" Are Anything But

This was made possible through a YEF Grant.
littleBits a library of modular electronics for students to explore. Students work individually, in pairs, or in teams developing critical thinking and problem solving abilities using the littleBits electronics to design projects that require base skills for Science Engineering and Design.

Ayah Bdeir, the designer of littleBits said that students using these materials puts “the power of engineers into the hands of artists and designers.” There are boundless opportunities for the students to use littleBits once they begin to explore with them and develop ideas and projects that they can create using the materials. 
littleBits are electronic modules that snap together with magnets to create projects with light, sounds, and sensors.  There is no wiring, no soldering, and no programming. Students create circuits in seconds using color-coded modules.  There are over 60 interchangeable modules which work in billions of different circuit combinations with infinite possibilities.

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