Tuesday, April 19, 2016

5th Grade DI Team wins First Place at State Tournament

Members of Solution Seven

Mr. Raymond shared this exciting information about the 5th grade Destination Imagination team, "Solution Seven".  Team members include Evie King, Stuart Baybutt, John Raymond, Jonny Cody, Truman Peters, Emily Waaler, and Nate Hagedorn. Mr. Raymond and Mr. Waaler coach this remarkable group of students: 

This team of seven 5th grade students from HMS competed at UMO in the State Tournament for Destination Imagination. They competed in the “Pace of Change” challenge, designing a vehicle that could carry a team member repeatedly across a 14-foot span over 8 minutes using alternating propulsion and movements systems. Coupled with this vehicle was a theatrical performance in which they described a character’s physical and emotional change when coming to the U.S. during the Irish potato famine. 

The team did all the work themselves, including generating ideas, costumes, writing scripts, designing and building the vehicle, and building props. They met every weekend (and many weeknights) from late October 2015 until last weekend, with the exception of one weekend. They performed amazingly and won first place in a crowded field! They are currently deciding whether to fund raise and go to Tennessee for Globals.

Congratulations to the Solution Seven team, Mr. Raymond and Mr. Waaler, and many thanks for sharing this information!

Solution Seven at work

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