Saturday, April 30, 2016

Karen Jagozlinzer and Marti-Jo Shaw present at ATOMIM conference

Marti-Jo Shaw and Karen Jagolinzer
Karen Jagolinzer and Marti-Jo Shaw presented "Lessons from Jo Boaler's Week of IMath" at this year's ATOMIM Conference (Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine), Making Math Blossom. Jenny Jorgensen, Lead Math Teacher, has been working with the 5th grade team to embed Boaler's strategies in their instruction (learn more about Jo Boaler).

The intent of this session was to set the stage for the year with inspirational math activities. Karen and Marti-Jo placed emphasis on deep thinking, the value of mistakes, the beauty of mathematics, and the belief that everyone is capable of high level mathematics.  They modeled some of the activities from IMath with the participants, and shared the specifics of what these activities have added to their classroom instruction. 

Check in with Karen and Marti-Jo for more information on the exciting work they're doing with our 5th grade students!

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