Sunday, January 22, 2017

District II Honors Music Festival

District II Honors Festival Musicians
Congratulations to our District II Honors Festival Musicians!
These students auditioned last fall to earn a place in the eighty-five piece band that performed on Saturday. Participation in the festival takes intense effort and dedication to craft. We're proud of the way our students represented HMS and Yarmouth. They impressed everyone with their positive approach and superb musicianship. 

Congratulations to Lydia Dustin who received the high score of all of the flutes at the festival!
Our thanks to Mr. C. for his guidance and mentorship, which prepared our students for this experience.

 District II Musicians:
Lee Federle, Violin
Lydia Dustin, Viola
Patrick Bergen, Alto Sax 

Lydia Dustin, Flute
Parker Harnett, Percussion 

Georgia Herr, Flute
Asher Lockwood, Alto Sax 
Evan Lucca, Clarinet
Elena Miller, Trombone
Quin O'Meara, Trumpet 

Emerson Pardales, Tenor Sax 
GW Ruth, Alto Sax
Averil Sahagian, Flute 
Anna Wallace, Flute 
Davis Young, Percussion 

District II Musicians working with Conductor Matt LaGarde


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