Saturday, February 4, 2017

HMS 2017 Geography Bee

HMS 2017 Geo Bee Participants 
 We want to thank the 2017 HMS Geo Bee participants for their hard work during this year's bee. We admire and respect their calm approach under pressure, their support of each other, and the knowledge and skill they demonstrated in their responses to the extremely challenging Geo Bee questions.

Congratulations and best wishes to:

-Evan Lucca-this year's winner of the school Geo Bee-this is the second year in a row that Evan has held the top spot!

-Sutter Auger-who earned second place-Sutter will serve as alternate.

-Jared Conant-who earned third place.

We're inspired by your efforts!
Ms. Agell, Evan Lucca and Sutter Augur
Evan has completed the National Geo Bee online Qualifying Test. This test will be scored and ranked with the scores of other students from Maine who have taken the test. We'll keep you posted on Evan's progress with this phase of the competition.

Our thanks to Ms. Rice for her work planning and implementing all aspects of the Geo Bee, and to Ms. Agell for her expert facilitation of the Bee!

HMS 2017 Geo Bee Participants

8th Grade
Anna Pires
Ashley Allen
Evan Lucca
Evan Van Lonkhuyzen 

Cameron Todd
Jack Vigue

7th Grade
Steven Densmore 
Jared Conant
Olivia Bradford
Maddie Emrich-Shanks 

Oscar O'Donnell
Sutter Auger

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