Monday, February 13, 2017

2017 Scholastic Writing Awards

We want to recognize and thank all of our students who submitted pieces to Scholastic this year. We appreciate your writing and your decision to share it in this way!

We're thrilled to announce the following Scholastic Writing Awards. Gold Key recipients are submitted to the national pool. There will be an awards ceremony to honor these students in March-more information about that soon.
Top Row: Callie Meehan, Evan Lucca, Parker Harnett, Anushka Canfield, Patrick Bergen
Bottom Row: Amelia Watt, Connor Wolf, Soleil Fournier, Avi Singh
Congratulations to these students on this outstanding achievement, which requires time, dedication and perseverance. Thanks to Ms. Agell, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Kilpatrick, Mr. Martin, Mr. Shardlow and Mr. Warshaw for their support of these students.

Gold Key:
Patrick Bergen, Memoir
Anushka Canfield, Short Story
Evan Lucca, Poetry

Silver Key:
Parker Harnett, Poetry
Evan Lucca, Memoir
Amelia Watt: Memoir, also Critical Essay
(Lulu Rasor/poetry/now in high school!)

Honorable Mention:
Soleil Fournier, Memoir
Callie Meehan, Novel Writing (our only 7th grader)
Avi Singh: Critical Essay
Conor Wolff: Memoir

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