Saturday, February 4, 2017

7th/8th Grade Math Team Update

Jay Harrington, 7th/8th Math Team Advisor Extraordinaire, shared this exciting update about the HMS team's recent event:

On Thursday, 2.2, the 7th & 8th Grade Math Teams went to the Holiday Inn by the Bay to compete in the Southern Maine Math League's second meet of the year.

The 7th Grade team, featuring Elena Miller, Georgia Herr, Emily Mickool, Ty Lucca, Milo Wiebus, and Galen Skinner could not match their first place finish from the first meet. They still had a solid showing, finishing 12th overall.

The 8th Grade team, featuring only Evan Lucca (8th grade students, please join us!), was not competitive in the team rankings. However, Evan did very well, scoring in 2nd place individually! 

Evan Lucca
As you can see in this photo, the seventh graders were a little jealous of Evan's hardware : )
Emily Mickool, Galen Skinner, Milo Wiebus, Evan Lucca, Ty Lucca, Georgia Herr, and Elena Miller

We thank these students for their efforts; we're looking forward to our next meet on Pi Day!

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