Monday, February 13, 2017

5/6 Math Team Update

Sebastien Martinez
Thanks to Barbara Ellis for sharing the latest news from our 5/6 Math Team:
On Thursday, February second, the following 5th and 6th grade students represented HMS at the second annual Southern Maine Elementary Math League meet in Portland. Sebastien Martinez placed fifth overall for his grade level and received a ribbon. Congratulations to these students for proudly representing our school!

Sixth Grade Team
Harper Fremont-Smith
Liam Hickey
Stuart Baybutt
Truman Peters
William Best
Joshua Leinwand

Sixth Grade Alternate Team 
John Raymond
Logan Beaupre 
Grace Shi
Emily Densmore 

Nate Hagedorn J
ohnny Cody

Fifth Grade Team  
Norah Mills
Milo Sanokklis 
Addy Letz 
Sebastien Martinez 
Anna Dickinson

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