Saturday, April 15, 2017

7/8 Math Team-3rd Meet

Thanks to Jay Harrington for this latest math team update!  
On Thursday 3/16, the 7th/8th Grade Math Team traveled to the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland to compete in the third meet of the season. The team continued its success with the 7th Grade Team finishing in second place overall! Additionally, Krisztian Kovaks placed second overall in individual scores!
Evan Lucca, Krisztian Kovacs, Jack Riddle, Milo Weibus, Emily Mickool, Georgia Herr, Elena Miller
Krisztian Kovaks
Congratulations to team members Evan Lucca, Elena Miller, Emily Mickool, Georgia Herr, Krisztian Kovaks, Milo Weibus, and Jack Riddle. Well done all, and please note our fancy new shirts!
Milo Weibus

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