Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Makerspace Comes To HMS!

This year, with the help of a YEF grant, Ms. Agell, Ms. Smith and Ms. Stuhr piloted Makerspace for the 5th graders at the middle school. Students had the opportunity to make, create, tinker, craft, build, play and collaborate with a variety of loose parts and tools. Students had one full Makerspace session in the library this spring, followed by additional opportunities to extend the Makerspace experience.
Reflections from this first year of Makerspace include:
  • EVERY child was engaged, involved, and curious!
  • everyone can find success in Makerspace
  • kids took risks
  • kids collaborated
  • they were excited to try new things
  • kids asked lots of questions
  • they were motivated to find out the answers to their questions
  • kids naturally modified their work by trying different materials and other improvements
  • kids fluidly shifted from Plan A to Plan B, C, D, etc.
  • kids were really excited to use real tools and such a variety of materials
 We found this to be a wonderful way of supporting the work we are all doing with kids to immerse them in the Inquiry Process of natural learning. 
Take a look at the photographs and videos of the experience through a link on the HMS Makerspace web page!

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