Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mr. C.'s latest compositions

 Brad Ciechomski’s latest piece, "The Noise in the Basement" was picked as the "editor's choice" by the JW Pepper Catalog, which means that it's in the top 10% of the music chosen by this catalog!

Please access the link below to hear this amazing composition, "which serves as the soundtrack for those times children find themselves alone in the basement. Noises seem to appear from all kinds of places that somehow make imaginations run wild."

Brad Ciechomski
Stay tuned for the soon to be released "Deep Pockets", and "Riffin the Blues" composed by Brad for jazz bands at the middle school level.

Brad has also written three more pieces this year for a high school/middle school band in Utah; these compositions include one jazz band, and two concert band pieces.

To catch up on the rest of Brad’s work, you can check out his website at:

Congratulations Mr. C!

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