Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Update from St. Bakhita

Earlier this spring we posted a piece about Harrison Middle School students', staff, and community members' continuing efforts to support St. Bakhita Nursery and Primary School, located in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Uganda. 

We explained that our efforts this spring were focused on collecting T-Shirts for the more than 500 children of the Sudanese refugees. Paula Vicenzi is the driving force behind this project, and the most recent T-Shirt collection. She directed and implemented the collection of over 600 T-Shirts for these children! 

We wanted to share the note and picture below from Anywar Michael, teacher, teacher representative and business manager for the St Bakhita School in Uganda. Our students are thrilled to know that the t-shirts reached their friends in Uganda!


 Dear Harrison Middle School,

The staffs and students of St. Bakhita Nursery and Primary School send you our warm greetings. We are so grateful to the entire school community of Harrison Middle School for the support you have always accorded us. 

Our students are currently out for their three week first team holidays and will report back on the 27/05/2013. They were very excited upon receiving their pen pal letters, and they will respond to them as the new team opens.  The students learn a lot of new things through the letter exchange program which each of them hopes should continue.


St Bakhita School has an enrollment of 581 students. There are 15 teaching staff.  The school has nursery and primary classes.  It takes three years to complete nursery and another seven years in primary for one to join secondary school.   There are three terms in a year for one to be promoted to the next class.


Our primary school children learn always five subjects which include mathematics, science, social study, English and Christian religion education.   The school runs from Monday to Friday stating at 8:30am and ending at 4:30pm, mixed with sport activities. 

Once again we take this opportunity to send our heartfelt appreciation to the students of Harrison Middle School for the tee shirt donation and wooden desk support made to St. Bakhita School going children and for accepting the pen pal letter exchange program with St. Bakhita students

Your sincerely,

Anywar Michael, Teacher Representative 

St. Bakhita N/P School

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