Saturday, April 11, 2015

Eli Anderson is named as the Steingart Award Recipient

Mrs. Grover and Mr. C. were excited to share the letter below to Eli Anderson, who is this year's recipient of the Steingart Music Education Fund. We were pleased to have Carol Steingart join us for this presentation!                                                                               
Eli Anderson


Dear Eli,

Congratulations on all that you have accomplished and continue to achieve with your bassoon and your music. Because of the excellence and dedication that you demonstrate, the Yarmouth Music Department is proud to recognize you as the this year’s recipient of the Steingart Music Education Fund.

The Steingart family lived in Yarmouth for many years. Emily, their daughter, started playing saxophone and then switched to bassoon in middle school. Emily is a dedicated and excellent musician who played in the Portland Youth Wind Ensemble as well as the (Boston based) Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. She even toured to China playing the bassoon! 

Playing the bassoon drastically changed Emilyʼs life for the better. It is part of what has
made her who she is today.

Emilyʼs parents were grateful to the Yarmouth Music Department for exposing her to the bassoon and all that it has brought to her life as a result.

Neil Steingart battled cancer; after many years, it became evident that Neil would lose his fight. The Steingarts decided to establish “The Steingart Music Education Fund” by donating money to the Yarmouth Music Department. The family specified that these funds are to be used to pay for private lessons for students who show promise and passion for music.

The Yarmouth music department is proud to name you as this year’s recipient of the Steingart Music Education Fund. You will be awarded the sum of $500.00 for the use private lessons on your instrument.

Congratulations on your passion and achievements that you have accomplished and demonstrate with your bassoon and music.


Brad Ciechomski              
Director of Bands 

 Kim Grover
Director of Choirs                                                                          
Kim Grover, Scott Anderson, Eli Anderson, Helen Anderson, Carol Steingart, Brad Ciechomski

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