Friday, April 17, 2015

YEF Spring Grant Recipients

We're grateful to all members of the Yarmouth Education Foundation, past and present, for everything they do for our community. Their work makes it possible to provide innovative, creative opportunities for all students.                                     
Bob Gross and Karen Jagolinzer

Congratulations to the following YEF grant recipients!

Jenny Jorgensen, Karen Jagolinzer & Bob Gross (LittleBits of Challenge) *Jenny was attending the NCSM/MCTM 2015 conference when the grant was awarded.

Merry Stuhr & Molly Kilpatrick (One Book, One School) *Molly was at YES when the grant was awarded.

Liz Greely, Kelly Conley, and Gina Rollins (Skins for Keyboarding)

Morgan Cuthbert & Jay Harrington (Robotics)

Charlotte Agell & Kristina Walsh (Analog Clocks for Executive Functioning Skills)
Kelly Conley, Liz Greely, and Gina Rollins

Morgan Cuthbert and Jay Harrington

Charlotte Agell and Kristina Walsh
Merry Stuhr


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