Sunday, October 23, 2016

Farm to School-thank you PTO!

Blair Currier, Yarmouth School Nutrition Director, shared this exciting update about a recent Health Sciences field trip. Our thanks to Blair, Kelley, and Cheryl for creating this learning opportunity for our students. 
 Kelley Damboise and Cheryl Lambert's 7th grade students have been busy learning all about eggs! A visit to Wolfe's Neck Farm taught us about the diverse diet and environmental needs to have healthy chickens that produce healthy eggs. In class Mr. Currier worked with students to create their very own frittata recipe. Students then gave impressive presentations (even rapped!) on everything they learned then taste tested their two favorite recipes with other classes. 

 Students were able to vote good, not good or awesome. The winning recipe with 64% of tasters voting awesome and 31% voting good is the Pottata with potato, roasted garlic and cheddar cheese. Pottata will be featured on the school lunch menu in November. 
 A very special thank you goes to the Yarmouth PTO for supporting this field trip!

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