Sunday, October 30, 2016

HMS Mock Election

HMS 8th graders count ballots for our Mock Election
Megan Rice, 8th grade social studies and science teacher, led the 2016 Mock Election, sponsored by our 8th grade students and teachers. Important information regarding the referendum questions was provided for students and staff, along with election links:

Referendum info:                         
    Question 1                          
    Question 2
    Question 3
    Question 4
    Question 5
“The November ballot also will include a bond issue, which will appear after the citizens’ initiatives. The bond question asks if voters favor spending $100 million for construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation for highways and bridges and for work related to other types of infrastructure. The bond would be used to match an estimated $137 million in federal funds.” - from PPH, Oct. 3, 2016

Election Links:
Ballot Ready - Presidential
Ballot Ready - Local
Our students voted on Wednesday, 10.26.16. The 8th grade students shared the results with our school:

Clinton: 306
Johnson: 38 
Stein: 35 
Trump: 76


1: Yes-178 No-265 
2. Yes-214 No-242 
3. Yes-362 No-132 
4. Yes-198 No-214 
5. Yes-201 No-220 
6. Yes-210 No-220 
Our thanks to Megan, and our 8th grade students and teachers for providing our school with this important opportunity.

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