Sunday, October 30, 2016

Summer Learning shared by Meghan Haugevik and Stephanie Robison

Meghan Haugevik, author Kwame Alexander, Steph Robison

6th grade language arts teachers, Stephanie Robison and Meghan Haugevik, shared their learning from an exciting literacy conference they attended this summer:

The conference, sponsored by Heinemann, was called the Pacific Coast Literacy Institute. It was led by Kylene Beers and Bob Probst (authors of Notice and Note and Reading Nonfiction) with workshops/sessions from Penny Kittle, Linda Reif, Kwame Alexander, and Chris Crutcher :)

The biggest  takeaways were:

From Kylene Beers/Bob Probst

-Creating engagement and fostering independence around reading both fiction and nonfiction by moving from a mono logic, teacher led/created classroom to a more dialogic based classroom

Creating access to nonfiction by using signposts such as contrasts/contradictions and extreme/absolute language. 

-Using common questions across content areas: What surprised you? What did the author think you already knew? What challenged, changed, or confirmed your thinking? 

Meghan Haugevik, Bob Probst, Steph Robison and Kylene Beers
 From Penny Kittle

-Asking ourselves: What is essential? What is important? What is nice to know? We want our students to be independent and empowered readers, writers, listeners, and speakers in the world, so we need to make our curriculum tie directly to what is essential.

-Choice!!!! We can't have text complexity without engagement and choice is directly related to engagement in reading 

Meghan Haugevik, Penny Kittle and Steph Robison

Linda Reif

-The importance of modeling for students in both reading and writing as well as writing alongside students.

-There are so many ways to get students to write! We spent each morning writing to quickwrites/prompts led by Linda Reif and she used a lot of mentor texts/visuals/poems to spark thinking. 

-In one quickwrite, Linda Reif had us sketch a spot that was special to us and then label it. The labeling actually led to so many more memories and topics to write about.

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