Sunday, May 28, 2017

2017 Young Athletes Festival

Samantha Miles and Anna Wallace support a new friend
Thank you to our 8th grade students and the 8th grade team for their wonderful work hosting this year's Young Athletes Festival!
Sandy Yale spreads some joy
Our students gave our young visitors a warm welcome and supported them with a variety of activities designed to prepare them for the Special Olympics. The 8th grade students were attentive to our visitors' needs and did everything they could to ensure that a wonderful time was had by all, which it most certainly was! Many students commented on our visitors' strength and perseverance, and all they learned from this time with them.
Special thanks to Rod Corey for ensuring that every detail for this event was taken care of, to Lisa Bird and Mark Capano from Special Olympics for their commitment to this festival, to Meredith Hawkins for bringing this wonderful idea to our community, and to the 8th grade team for their support of our students!

We hope you enjoy this story from Channel 8:

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