Monday, May 22, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

The Cast and Crew of Sleeping Beauty
Congratulations to the wonderful cast and crew of Sleeping Beauty! Our 5th grade students put on a winning, whimsical rendition of this show, which featured acting, singing, dancing, lighting and sound that rivaled the original production!

All the students involved worked together, exhibiting the perseverance, teamwork and collaboration necessary for success! We're proud of their efforts and their support of each other during this process.

Heartfelt thanks to our Director, Betsey Reinsborough, whose vision guides all of the HMS shows to successful fruition, and to all of our parent volunteers for their support!

Our continuous appreciation to all of the Reinsboroughs, our very own Liz, Kathy Gardner, Danielle Newcomb, Bill Allen, Kimberly Grover and Brad Ciechomski for all of their assistance! HMS Blog with photos coming soon : )

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