Saturday, February 13, 2016

8th Graders Have the Time in STEAM

Mr. Dehetre explains one of his 8th grade students' projects in STEAM:

8th grade STEAM classes have been learning about basic woodworking and woodworking safety by building clocks. As you can see from these pictures, there is also a very strong art component involved with this project and much of the fine art work can be attributed to the strong art program that we are fortunate to have in Yarmouth. 

Students begin by choosing a clock design of their own. This is followed by cutting and shaping their clock by using a scroll saw, file, and abrasive paper. A large hole is drilled in the back of the clock for the clock movement using the drill press. Once the clock takes its  final shape, the artistry begins. Building clocks has been a very popular piece of the STEAM curriculum over the years and students look forward to this activity. For some students, the clock design is brainstormed even before reaching the 8th grade!

Audrey Goessling
Angus Muir
Sara Smith
Caden Rogers
Michael McNeil

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