Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jenny Jorgensen presents at CMP3 Conference

Attendees at the CMP3 User's Conference in Michigan this week will be fortunate to learn from Jenny Jorgensen, HMS Lead Math Teacher, and consummate presenter. Jenny will share her expertise and knowledge about the current Connected Mathematics Program and how it can best be brought to life in the classroom. Jenny will be presenting on the following topics and exploring all aspects of related student learning with the participants.

Session 1: Using the Teacher Notes - What About those Check for Understandings?

Description: Learn more about using the "Check for Understanding" that are in the teacher notes for some of the problems. Group discussion on how educators can inform instruction

Goals: Encourage educators to take advantage of using the "Check for Understanding".

Intended Audience: 6th, 7th, 8th

Session 2: Using the Focus Questions to guide the Summary Discussion

Description: We will discuss the Focus Questions and how they can be used to keep students' focused on the goal of the lesson, and how they can be used by teachers during the summary part of the lesson.

Goals: Raise awareness of the Focus Questions and how they can be used to keep the lesson on track and guide the discussion.

Intended Audience: 6th, 7th, 8th

Session 3: Using Interactive Notebooks in the 6th grade CMP classroom

Description: Wow! Students are doing amazing things with their creativity and their math notebooks. See sample student notebooks and learn how 6th grade teachers are using them in their CMP classrooms. This work has helped students realize that their math notebook can be a useful tool for their learning.

Goals: Share what teachers are doing with Interactive Notebooks. Offer suggestions to teachers who would like to start using Interactive Notebooks

Intended Audience:
6th grade

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