Saturday, February 13, 2016

Alexis Nisbet receives the Steingart Scholarship

Heartfelt congratulations to 8th grade student, Alexis Nisbet, who was recently named as this year's recipient of the Steingart Family Music Scholarship! Alexis will use the scholarship for private flute and/or voice lessons.

The Steingart family established this scholarship fund prior to Mr. Steingart's passing in 2013. They saw their daughter Emily's world change in positive ways when she pursued the bassoon in middle school. Emily's love of music presented her with the opportunity to play with the Portland Youth Symphony, as well as the Youth Philharmonic (in Boston) while she was in high school. Her talent and dedication opened the door to some prestigious awards and opportunities, including traveling to China with the Youth Philharmonic orchestra.

Taylor Robison (2013 winner of the Steingart Scholarship), Kristina Nisbet, Alexis Nisbet, Carol Steingart, Joan Adler, Brad Ciechomski, Able Briton, Kimberly Grover 
The Steingart family met with Mrs. Grover and Mr. C. in 2013 to establish this award, which will fund years of private lessons for our students. Their goal is to provide opportunities to other young musicians so they can explore and expand their own world of music and everything that music can bring into their lives.

The scholarships are awarded to students who have a love for music, and are committed to their craft. Awarding these scholarships is one of the highlights of Mrs. Grover and Mr. C's school year. Alexis is a most deserving recipient of this honor!

The HMS community extends their deep gratitude to the Steingart family for making this opportunity possible for our students.

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